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WoW Season of Discovery Warrior: Best Builds, Runes, PvP and Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2024-01-03

In WoW Season of Discovery, Warriors remain a formidable class, with significant improvements in both DPS and Tank roles. The key to maximizing their potential lies in understanding the new runes system and building your character around it. The optimal build and rune choices vary depending on whether you focus on DPS or Tanking, but the fundamental principles remain the same: prioritize stats that enhance your role-specific abilities and choose runes that complement your playstyle and strengths.


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Warrior Class Overview in SoD

Roles: Warriors specialize in two roles - melee DPS and Tank​​.

Pros and Cons: As DPS, Warriors offer strong damage output, versatility, and tankiness. However, they are gear-dependent, have low mobility initially, and have limited AoE threat. Tank Warriors focus on threat management and damage mitigation​​.

Best Race Choices:

For DPS: Humans (Alliance) and Orcs (Horde) are preferred due to their weapon skills and racial benefits.

For Tanking: Humans are top for Alliance, while Orcs, Trolls, and Taurens each offer unique advantages for Horde​​.


How to Play Warrior

DPS Role: Focus on abilities like Rend, Overpower, and consistent application of Sunder Armor. Avoid over-reliance on Heroic Strike due to its high rage cost​​.

Tank Role: Manage threats using abilities like Block, Shout, and Thunder Clap. Effectively manage rage for consistent threat generation​​.


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Warriors have two main builds this season: the Two-Handed Warrior and the Dual-Wield Warrior. Both builds have different runes that suit their abilities and talents. Here are some of the main features and differences of each build:


Two-Handed Warrior Build

This build focuses on using a two-handed weapon and dealing high burst damage with abilities like Quick Strike, Flagellation, and Raging Blow. This build benefits from runes that increase physical damage, such as Game IconConsumed By Rage, Slaughter from the Shadows, and Endless Rage. This build is currently stronger than the Dual-Wield Warrior build thanks to the Deadly Strike of the Hydra weapon, which has insane stats and a chance-on-hit effect.


Dual-Wield Warrior Build

This build focuses on using two one-handed weapons and dealing high sustained damage with abilities like Mutilate, Envenom, and Slice and Dice. This build benefits from runes that increase attack speed, such as Single-Minded Fury, Berserking, and Flurry. This build is more versatile and fun to play than the Two-Handed Warrior build but requires more skills and gear to optimize.


Both builds are viable for leveling, but the Two-Handed Warrior build is easier and faster, as you can kill mobs faster and use fewer consumables. The Dual-Wield Warrior build is more challenging and rewarding, as you can handle multiple mobs better and use more abilities. However, you will need to invest more in gear and consumables to keep up with the Two-Handed Warrior build.


For PvP, the Two-Handed Warrior build is more suitable for solo or small-group skirmishes. You can burst down your enemies quickly and control them with Improved Hamstring and Improved Rend; The Dual-Wield Warrior build is more suitable for large-scale battles. You can deal consistent damage and survive longer with Deflection and Improved Overpower.


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Best Warrior Runes


Flagellation Rune (Chest)

Single-Minded Fury Rune (Hands)

Consumed by Rage Rune (Legs)


For Tank

Warbringer Rune (Chest)

Blood Frenzy Rune (Chest)

Devastate Rune (Hands)

Furious Thunder Rune (Legs)

Consumed By Rage Rune (Legs)


PvP Strategy

Engagement: Use Charge to engage quickly and apply Hamstring to limit enemy movement.

Control the Fight: Use stuns and interrupts like Pummel and Shockwave to disrupt enemy casters.

Survivability: Use defensive cooldowns wisely. In situations where you're the focus, Shield Wall can be a lifesaver.

Adaptability: Be ready to switch targets or retreat if the situation demands.


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Leveling Tips

Leveling as a DPS Warrior

Weapon Dependency: Keep your weapon updated, as a lot of your leveling efficiency depends on it.

Ability Usage: Use Rend for damage over time and Overpower when available. Avoid overusing Heroic Strike due to its high rage cost.

Solo Leveling Tips: Utilize kiting strategies and keep First Aid up to date. Carry food for health regeneration between fights.

Group Leveling: In groups, you can be more aggressive. Utilize your cleave and AoE abilities when in dungeons or facing multiple enemies.


Leveling as a Tank Warrior

Early Levels: Focus on abilities that build threat and manage rage effectively. Use Sunder Armor and Revenge as primary threat-generating abilities.

Dungeons and Group Play: In group settings, prioritize abilities that maintain aggro on multiple mobs. Thunder Clap and Shockwave are effective for AoE threats.

Survivability: Use defensive abilities like Shield Block and Demoralizing Shout to mitigate incoming damage.

Gear Focus: Prioritize gear with Stamina and Armor for increased survivability. Strength is also important for threat generation.


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Lastly, I hope this guide helps you master the Warrior class in WoW Season of Discovery.

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