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SoD Blood Moon PvP Event Guide: Participation, Mechanics, and Rewards

By Shirley Huang2024-05-17

The Blood Moon event in WoW SoD is a thrilling open-world PvP encounter taking place in the iconic zone of Stranglethorn Vale. Here's a guide to help you navigate and maximize your experience in this unique event:

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Participation and Mechanics

To participate in the Blood Moon Event, simply be present in Stranglethorn Vale during the event times.


Frequency and Duration

The Blood Moon event occurs every three hours and lasts for 30 minutes starting at midnight server time. During this time, a red fog transforms Stranglethorn Vale into a free-for-all PvP zone.


Event Dynamics

Players from any faction can attack each other, except for members of their own party. A notable feature is the debuff applied when participating in a raid group, discouraging large group formations.


Blood for the Blood Loa Buff

By defeating other players, you'll earn stacks of a buff, which can be traded at Altars of the Blood Loa for Copper Massacre Coins. These coins are the currency used for purchasing rewards and can be upgraded to Silver and Gold Massacre Coins for higher-value items. If you do not have time to engage in PvP combat, you can buy fast Silver or Gold Massacre Coins directly from a reliable third party.

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If you are killed, you will receive Drained of Blood debuff. Upon resurrection, those who have the Drained of Blood debuff will be temporarily immune to attacks but will also be unable to perform any offensive actions, such as casting spells or attacking. However, they retain the ability to mount and relocate to a different area. Additionally, they become invisible to all players who are not part of their party.


The duration of the Drained of Blood debuff has been decreased to 20 seconds, a significant reduction from the previous duration of 60 seconds.


Furthermore, when a player dies, they will lose a portion of their accumulated blood. The amount lost seems to be directly proportional to the total blood they had gathered before being defeated.


Quests and Objects

There are no traditional quests in the Blood Moon Event. The main objective is to engage in PvP combat, collect Blood for the Blood Loa, and earn Massacre Coins, which can be used to purchase new Level 50 epic gear, thereby influencing the in-game economy and the value of SoD gold.

Keep an eye out for Kha'damu, the Chosen of the Blood Loa, who patrols the zone and can grant buffs to increase your blood stacks per kill.



The event offers special PvP gear and a variety of class-specific items tailored for each specialization to enhance your character's abilities in distinct ways, such as weapons, off-hand items, and powerful trinkets. However, you can only wear one Blood Moon item at a time.

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Two unique mounts like of the Golden Sabercat and of the Mottled Blood Raptor. These mounts are likely to be highly sought after and serve as a status symbol for those who have excelled in the Blood Moon Event.


The reward vendor, Mai'zin is located just outside the infamous Gurubashi Arena, as pictured on the map above.


Opting Out

If you wish not to participate, you can opt out by speaking to the Zandalari Emissary located in Stranglethorn Vale, Tirisfal Glades, Duskwood, and Ratchet.


Additional Features

Hostile NPCs: Be cautious of the event boss, Kha'damu, the Chosen of the Blood Loa, who patrols the zone and can instantly kill players.

Environment: During the event, even usually safe areas like Booty Bay aren't secure, as guards will not intervene in PvP skirmishes, and flight masters may become hostile.


Tips for Success

•  Form a balanced PvP group with at least one healer, one ranged, and one melee damage dealer.

•  Stay grouped up and regroup often to maintain strength in numbers.

•  Focus on healers and squishy targets first to weaken enemy groups.

•  Utilize crowd control effectively to disrupt your opponents.

To fully enjoy and succeed in the Blood Moon event, it's recommended to familiarize yourself with the event time and plan strategic use of buffs and coins. This event is not just about combat; it's also about quick strategic decisions and efficient management of resources.


The Blood Moon Event is a test of skill, strategy, and survival. Whether you're a seasoned PvP player or new to the fray, this event offers a unique challenge and the opportunity to earn exclusive rewards. Prepare your gear, gather your allies, and may the Blood Loa favor you in battle!


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