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WoW Cata Classic New Profession - Archaeology Guide

By Shirley Huang2024-04-10

Good News! Cata Classic's pre-patch will be released on April 30 and officially launch on May 20 worldwide. It brings back the original Cataclysm content with some changes, including the new level cap (level 85), new dungeons & raids, a new secondary profession -, and so on.


Archaeology - a secondary profession that offers players a unique way to explore the lore of Azeroth through the recovery and restoration of ancient artifacts. Not only does it provide a fascinating glimpse into the game's extensive backstory, but it also rewards players with unique items, powerful heirlooms, and even mounts. Archaeology is a bit time-consuming most of the time, but there are things you can do that are relatively quick and can make an amount of WoW Cataclysm Classic gold. This guide will help you get started with Archaeology, detail its benefits, and provide tips for leveling the profession efficiently.

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Getting Started with Archaeology

Every character can learn Archaeology as a secondary profession, so it won't take up one of your primary profession slots. To begin your journey as an Archaeologist, you must first reach level 20. Once eligible, you can learn the Archaeology skill from a trainer found in capital cities (Stormwind for Alliance, Orgrimmar for Horde). After learning the profession, you will receive a survey tool, which is necessary for finding artifacts, and an Archaeology journal, which tracks your progress.


Benefits of Archaeology

Valuable artifacts: Archaeology allows you to uncover valuable artifacts or unique Items, including pets, mounts, and toys that interact uniquely with the game world. These items are account-bound, making them shareable across characters.

Lore Exploration: Archaeology offers deep dives into the backstories of various races and events in World of Warcraft.

Heirlooms and Gear: Some artifacts are powerful heirlooms that scale with your level, providing significant advantages in leveling up other characters.

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Fast Ways to Level Up Archaeology in Cata Classic

Surveying Digsites

Use the survey tool in designated dig sites marked on your world map to find fragments. The tool will deploy a telescope pointing in the direction of an artifact fragment. Colors indicate distance: red (far), yellow (moderate), and green (close).


Digging Up and Gather Fragments

Once at the location, use the survey tool again to pinpoint and dig up artifact fragments. Each dig site allows for several discoveries before it is depleted.

Up to skill level 100, you gain skill points by collecting fragments. After that, you gain points by solving artifacts.


Finding Dig Sites

Locations: Dig sites are spread across all continents, including Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Outland, and Northrend. Each site is race-specific, correlating with the lore (e.g., Night Elf sites in Kalimdor).

Travel Efficiently: Consider setting your Hearthstone in a central location or use items that speed up travel, like the Boots of the Bay.


Completing Artifacts

Restoration: Once you have enough fragments, you can restore artifacts from your journal. This process yields archaeological finds and sometimes a keystone that can be used to expedite future restorations.

Rare Finds: Rare artifacts require more fragments but provide significantly better rewards, including unique toys, mounts, and gear.

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Leveling Tips

Focus on Completing Artifacts: The primary way to gain Archaeology experience (or skill points) is through the completion of artifacts. Prioritize completing them as soon as you gather enough fragments.

Keystones: Use keystones to complete artifacts faster. They count as multiple fragments and can speed up the leveling process.

Visit Every Continent: Early on, focus on visiting dig sites across different continents for a variety of artifacts and more experience per completion.

Save Solving: Don't solve artifacts until you're close to skill level 100, as you'll need the skill-ups from solving afterward.

Digsites: Only four dig sites are available per continent at any time. Clearing one dig site will spawn another randomly on the continent.


Taking Advantage of World Events

Darkmoon Faire: This monthly event offers a quest that boosts your Archaeology skill significantly, helping you level it quickly without the need for travel.



Remember, patience is key in Archaeology, as it takes time to travel and uncover the mysteries of Azeroth's past. Archaeology is more than just a casual pastime in Cataclysm Classic. It is a compelling way to engage with the game's history and lore while uncovering valuable items that can aid in your adventures. By efficiently traveling between dig sites and diligently gathering and restoring artifacts, you can quickly level up this profession and reap its many rewards. Whether you're a lore enthusiast or just looking for some unique in-game items, Archaeology is a profession worth exploring. Happy digging!






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