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Cata Classic Tailoring Profession Overview and Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2024-06-11

The Tailoring profession in WoW Cata Classic offers players the ability to craft a wide range of cloth armor, bags, and magical enhancements, making it a pivotal skill for cloth-wearing classes and those looking to maximize their utility and profitability in the game. Leveling Tailoring from 1 to 525 involves gathering materials and crafting items to progress through different skill levels. This guide provides an introduction to Tailoring details, including the best races and classes, the secondary profession, and new tailoring trainers. It also includes our comprehensive 1-525 Tailoring Leveling guide.


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Best Races and Classes to Learn Tailoring

While any class can benefit from Tailoring for its ability to create gear and generate income through bag sales, cloth-wearing classes like Mage, Warlock, and Priest particularly stand to gain the most from this profession. Among races, those that offer intellect or spirit bonuses, such as Gnomes or Trolls, may find an additional edge due to these stats benefiting their primary class roles.


Best Second Profession for Tailoring

Enchanting is commonly paired with Tailoring because it allows the tailor to disenchant unneeded crafted items into materials that are often more valuable. This synergy not only maximizes resource use but also enhances profitability in the game's economy, providing a steady flow of Cataclysm Classic gold for crafters.


Tailoring Specializations

In Cata Classic, Tailoring does not have distinct specializations like in some previous expansions. However, tailors can create powerful cloak enchantments, such as Embroidery, which provides a chance to increase spell power significantly for a short period.


New Tailoring Trainers

In Cataclysm Classic, new tailoring trainers can be found in major cities across Azeroth. For the Horde, players can visit Leyweaver Aurielle in Orgrimmar, and for the Alliance, Georgio Bolero in Stormwind offers training services. These trainers can teach you the latest patterns and techniques up to the Illustrious Grand Master level.

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Leveling Guide

Here's a brief overview of what you need to do:

Early Levels (1-75)

Begin with simple items, and this stage helps build your basic skills.

• Craft Bolts of Linen Cloth using Linen Cloth to reach level 45.

• Make Linen Belts and Reinforced Linen Capes to get to level 75.

Journeyman to Expert (75-200)

This range sees you advancing to wool and then silk. You'll make items gradually using more diverse materials like dyes and fine threads.

Journeyman Tailoring (75-125): Create Bolts of Woolen Cloth with Wool Cloth until level 100. Then, switch to making Simple Kilts to reach level 125.

Expert Tailoring (125-200): Use Silk Cloth to make Bolts of Silk Cloth and craft items like Azure Silk Hoods and Silk Headbands to advance.

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Artisan to Master (200-350)

You start working with Mageweave and later Runecloth. More complex recipes come into play, crafting items that require various dyes and threads. You'll begin to see more gear that can be used or sold for profit.

Artisan Tailoring (200-300): Continue with Bolts of Mageweave Cloth and Crimson Silk Vests.

Master Tailoring (300-350): Use Netherweave Cloth for Bolts of Netherweave and other items.

Grand Master to Illustrious (350-525)

This final stretch involves Frostweave and Embersilk. You'll craft high-end bags and gear sets like Frostwoven and Emberfire. The items created here are potent and often used in high-level content.

Grand Master Tailoring (350-425): Frostweave Cloth becomes your primary material, crafting Bolts of Frostweave and related items.

Illustrious Tailoring (425-525): Finally, use Embersilk Cloth to craft various high-level items.


Additional Tips

Tailors can also benefit from creating special items such as spellthreads, which are applied to pants and can significantly boost certain stats, making them highly beneficial for endgame content. Additionally, tailors who opt for WoW Cataclysm Classic boosting services can quickly gather large amounts of cloth from dungeons and world drops. This is essential to keep up with the demands of crafting and efficiently leveling the profession.


Overall, Tailoring in WoW Cataclysm Classic remains a robust and beneficial profession, providing essential gear and unique enhancements that are valuable throughout the game.


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