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Warmane: Faction Balancing on Outland

By Cathy Deng2017-06-29

Warmane is a private server of World of Warcraft and now it attracts lots of gamers. Warmane used to be Molten WoW, which is perhaps the top performing Private World of Warcraft Server. If you are looking for a serious leveling + PvE/PvP experience, warmane is your choice. Here MmoGah would like to share Faction Balancing on Outland with warmane fans. You can check out the details you want to know below.


As you've probably noticed in the past few days, warmane has been considering a few faction balancing measures in order to ensure quality of gameplay on Outland. Furthermore, warmane has designed a temporary package of perks for Alliance players in order to motivate and incentivize more players to join Alliance.


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Alliance faction perks will last until August 1, 2017 and will contain the following:


a. Free Apprentice Riding and Expert Riding skills

b. +50% reputation gain on kill of targets that provide reputation (1.5x)

c. +50% experience gain (7.5x)

d. +50% honor gain (1.5x)


While it is not planned, perks may be paused at any time as a part of measures of achieving long-term faction balance as warmane monitors statistics and analyzes trends on an hourly basis. 


Warmane strives to provide its community the best realms they can desire, with highest regards to quality, security and stability. Part of this promise is to make ours realms as enjoyable as we can and resolve any problems we face, whether those problems are incidental in its nature or created by players' preferences.



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