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Warmane Devlog Update in October

By Cathy Deng2017-10-23

The Devlog of Warmane has been updated with latest information about development. Here please follow MmoGah (No.1 Warmane Gold selling site in Google) to know more about it.


Burning Crusade

We are glad to announce that we are now consistently reaching up to 7 days uptime on both of our burning crusade realms, only stopped by the weekly update. Thanks to our hard work in the background - often unnoticeable - we are now able to provide a truly undisturbed gameplay experience. Our main focus this month was the rework of vanilla zones, one by one, of which 13 zones have been completed already. These zones include Stonetalon Mountains, Ashenvale, Tanaris, Felwood, Thousand Needles and others. At the same time we have also prepared for upcoming events such as Hallow's End. Hyjal and other raids have also been polished further while already starting preparations for Black Temple. Additionally we are constantly working on improving general, spell and combat systems, as usual.


Wrath of the Lich King

In preparation for our competitive PvE tournament held last month, we went ahead and re-evaluated all of Icecrown Citadel. Thanks to that, we managed to correct lots of smaller, but important details and bring its quality to the next level. Trial of the Crusader as well as Ulduar have also undergone the same process and received a fresh polish. Additionally, Brewfest has been prepared and lots of spells and combat issues fixed. Currently we are working on implementing latest fixes for pre-wotlk areas and further cleanups in raids and the spell system.


Mists of Pandaria

With the full implementation of pathfinding on Frostwolf we paved the way to the highly anticipated release of the Brawler's Guild this month. A lot of work went into scripting it and we are very happy to finally be able to present it to our players. We are also working on providing statistics for fights in the armory on our website soon. Several new scenarios such as the Crypt of the Forgotten Kings and Lion's Landing are also pending release after passing the final testing stage. We expect them to be released next week. On top of that, we are preparing a full rework of the vehicle system to resolve several issues and in general improve its overall handling.


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