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The Latest News and Events for Warmane Players

Cathy Deng August 03rd, 2017 Warmane    Warmane Gold    Warmane Power Leveling    Warmane Help   

As a top-performing private server of World of Warcraft, Warmane has attracted lots of players. Here MmoGah will share the latest news and events with warmane players!



Alliance faction perks on Outland are no longer active. Warmane will continue to monitor trends and statistics to ensure that the gameplay remains enjoyable. 


Warmane [TBC]: Hero of the Mag’har

You can discover the fury within Garrosh's heart in our most recent Burning Crusade showcase! Hero of the Mag'har quest will come to our Burning Crusade realms on the next update! 



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Events August 1st - August 6th

Here's the event schedule for this week. 




Brief Description of Events



40v40 BGs
Fight your enemy faction and see who triumphs! Warsong Gulch 40v40s!

Race event
Be the first to reach the thrones and pass all the obstacles.

1v1 Tournament
You know your class? Prove it and win the 1v1 Tournament. Streamed on official channel.

Hide and Seek
Find the hiding place, go through mountains, rivers and get a prize for it!

Bounty Hunt
You can hunt the players with a price on their head or be the one that is being hunted. It is your choice.

Most of the events will be described in announcements prior to the event starting!

In addition, all times are GMT/UTC.


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