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Tree of Savior: Brand New English Version Will Be Online Soon

By John Ryan2016-03-18

Tree of Savior (TOS) is a popular MMORPG developed by famous company IMC Games. The official has announced the release date of the English Version, which is on Thursday, April 28, 2016 (EST). Tree of Savior English Version has attracted a large number of gamers who are eagerly waiting for it, so follow here to reach the latest game information now!


As a classic PC Online MMORPG, Tree of Savior is worth to play. Even though the English Version will be fully free-to-play in late April, players can purchase “Founder’s Server” on Steam Store for an early trial, which is available on Tuesday, March 29, 2016 02:00 AM (EST). 3 types of the “Founder’s Server: Exclusive Access” will be released sequentially as the service period elapses, which you can see as follows:


Purchase   Type


Founder's Server : Exclusive Access 1

A. Price : $49.99
B. Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
C. Benefits : 650 TP + 1 x 60 day Token + 2 Hair Accessories (Hanaming + Popolion Doll) + 1 Companion (Hoglan) + 1 Stat / Skill Reset Potion

Founder's Server : Exclusive Access 2

A. Price : $29.99
B. Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
C. Benefits : 380 TP + 1 x 30 day Token + 1 Hair Accessory (Popolion Doll)

Founder's Server : Exclusive Access 3

A. Price : $9.99
B. Exclusive Access Period : 1 month
C. Benefits : 160 TP



The users from territories where the official has local partners will be restricted from purchasing from the Steam Store and login to the English server, including Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and China.


Characteristics of the Game:

  • It has distinct style of its own compared with other MMOs. The fairy storyline is a particular feature of this game.

  • It also features on Massive Scale and High Degree of Freedom.

  • Luxuriant PvP and PvE contents. You can enjoy the most fun from Team Battle and Guild War.

  • Unique looking characters and details fields.

  • Diverse costumes and actions.

  • Up to 80 classes for you to choose and more than 200 boss monsters.



There are Archer Classes, Cleric Classes, Swordsman Classes, Wizard Classes. You can see the introduction below.


Tree of Savior Classes


  • Archer Classes (ranged DPS, physical attacking)

Archer classes deal incredible damage from a distance. They are sneaky and opportunist fighters. They favor bows and one-handed crossbows, and some of their classes can use pistols, muskets and cannons.


  • Cleric Classes (physical and magic)

Cleric Classes are as support roles. They are tailored for group play by numerous buffs and debuffs. Clerics are the only classes that can heal themselves and friendly targets. They have wide assortment of support skills that make them become essential members in team battle.


  • Swordsman Classes (physical)

Swordsman classes can use most weapons but favor swords and spears, both one-handed and two-handed. They have excellent mobility and are also blessed with a good amount of crowd control abilities.


  • Wizard Classes (ranged DPS, magic)

Wizard classes are offensive spell casters. They favor weapons such as rods and staves for their high amount of magic attack. They possess excellent offense but are the most fragile.


Each class has its own advantages, so customize your character and choose your favorite class. Accumulate Tree of Savior Gold to boost your weapons and accessories, which can help you to level up more smoothly. If you do not have enough time to grind levels yourself, you can choose a trustworthy TOS Power Leveling


Why not have a try? Tree of Savior must bring you into a fantasy fairy world!




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