• What are the Best Classes in Tree of Savior Right Now
    By Leo Jiang2017-06-15 00:00:00

    In tree of savior, although many players think that Swordsman DPS may be worse than some DPS classes, actually it is not bad as you imagine. Players just do not really want to have a DPS archer or wizard, because it is small and slight injury swordsman that you must tank it. Now let’s talk about the best classes in TOS.


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    To get damage moves you can use your rank 6/7/8 picks, and your rank 1/2/3/4/5 picks can get buffs as there are 8 circles. The way of most Archer builds are structured and your early class picks go towards buffs, you can learn to get +25% crit rate and don’t forget that Archer2 has an attribute.


    Ranger1 or Ranger2 or Ranger3 has a move that gives a bonus to ability damage (10% at Ranger 1st circle, 15% at Ranger 2nd circle, and 20% at Ranger 3rd circle). Rogue1 is an alternation to Archer2. Instead of giving a percentage crit bonus, Rogue gives a flat crit rate, so you can put your stats into STR instead of DEX.


    Falconer1- the moves will hit more targets with circling. The big damage move options for Archer are Schwarzer Reiter3 which is an AoE specialist. Specifically, this game has a stat called AoE attack ratio, which determines how many targets your AoE move can hit. SR ignores it completely and just hits up to 15.


    Fletcher3 is a single target specialist, the best move is called Magic Arrow, which drops fire at a location, and has a 5 seconds’ cooldown with lots of moves 0 cooldown or low cooldown. Fletcher opens up at rank 5, so Fletcher3 can only make you reach rank 7. The typical rank 8 pick is Mergen.


    Musketeer2 stands out for a Rank8 attribute that causes all guns damages hitting a target to deal double damage. This includes all their musketeer skills, but Schwarzer Reiters will stay in your party.


    Wizard looks like a bit difference, which can be built either as a support character, or as a damage character. Linker1 or Linker2 or Linker3 makes it difference when you deal damage to one enemy, all linked enemies take the same damage. And vice versa for every enemy in the link. Absolutely linker is a bizarre class that often deals more damages against multiple targets than a solo target.


    Wizard3 - when you build a damage character, you probably want to take Wizard to 3, Quick Cast has an attribute that causes all abilities to deal more than 50% damages. Chronomancer3 has a ridiculously good skill called Pass. They have no damage moves and a pure support class. Sage1 has a skill called Missile Hole, which makes you take 1 damage from a bunch of moves. They're also a support pick.


    Elementalist3 is taken for a move called Frost Cloud, which is the best AoE move in Wizard right now. Generally you want to make a focused damage character, or a focused support character with Wizard. Sometimes damage builds will take circles in Linker. Pyro builds can take later circles in whatever the hell they want, and still have competitive damage.


    Above is the guide to the best classes in tos, welcome you to read. Also we have tos power leveling service, if you have requirement, please feel free to contact us.