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Skills for Being the Marvelous in Tree of Savior

John Ryan June 03rd, 2016 TOS    TOS Silver   

In Tree of Savior playing, most players want to be the marvelous ASAP. However they have more confusions when they play in Tree of Savior for a long time. Such as how to level up fast in TOS (I have written in my previous article)? How do gems work? How to farm gold fast in tos? Etc. Now I would like to summarize some tips and hope the following tips can help you be the marvelous ASAP.


First let’s talk about leveling system, it is the same as every other MMOG. You will gain full Exp from mobs within a range of 5 levels and you will gain more Exp in some maps, you can find this by looking at the stars which are showed in the map. More stars you see, more exp you have and when you die there you will be given more penalties.


Depending on the clarity you find, which a more special shine is. Shyly will give you special things, such as the blue one. If he can give you extra experience, you might get one level up. If you find out Mr Whites Shine, you will get extra loot, and you can get extra money from the golden poster, so you have to kill them as soon as you see them.

skills for being the marvelous in tos

When you make level up, if the monsters are out of 5 lvl range, you will gain less than 5% exp for each level. You will gain 0 exp if there are 25 lvls disparity. Meanwhile, you can see the monster level in the HP bar on the top. At lower levels, really you don't need to grind, it is only in level 200+, so killing the same monster as much as possible, because there's not a lot of quests.


Second, gem is also important. Stats come from Normal Gems when you put them in equipment's slot. You can level up those gems so they give more stats. If your friend's gem is a Monster Gem, it will give a specific lvl +1 skill. Gem can be used for upgrading a weapon, and even trading the weapons, all gems might are used for potential. If the weapon runs out of potential, you could screw up the weapon. Attributes have a level limit, if you can afford it you can have all attributes.


You will lose all the Gems that you have in your inventory since you die, and your equipment loses a ton of durability. If there are 3 stars in the map, the gems might be destroyed and you will lose even more durability. Monster gems won't give you skills, just level up the skills you already have. Although some of them might not be implemented yet.


Third, about other tricks. When you do well and reach the level, it is the time for you to start doing some real damage by yourself. You should directly do awesome weapon for increasing your fire property damage. Every single damage you do including the Capri Sun, so this is really an item you must have especially if you're not wearing a two-handed weapon. 


It's very easy to get a loose on the ninetieth dungeon from the last boss, but when you nearly get to level, you still have to wait until you reach it. You can get it from the dungeon, so if you could buy it earlier, it can help you but it's not really needed, you can just wait.


Hope the above tips can give you some help in tree of savior. If you don’t have energy or free time to level up, I recommend to visit a reliable site which is Mmogah, it is a professional website to offer safe and cheap tos silver for you.


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