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How to Make More Tree of Savior Silver

Leo Jiang July 10th, 2017 TOS    TOS Silver   

Different from other MMORPGS, money or currency in Tree of Savior means silver, virtual currency is very important in any MMO. For Tree of Savior, you may have a good idea of how to farm ToS silver fast. It’s also an advantage that ToS has a great Auction House system that works better than other games. So how can you make more and more ToS Silver?


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Experience Grinding

Grinding is a good method for most of tos players. Grinding will relieve your reliance on EXP cards, and you can get quite a bit of silver in the process in both silver drops and selling off item drops.


Farm collection items

The collection system makes you understand what items are needed in collections, and in every collection there is always at least one rare item. This rare item that you have will always sell for a high price. For the other less rare items, you can sell for more than they are worth to NPC.


You can farm some useful recipes and sell the recipes, or you choose to craft them and then sell the final products. Also you can farm the mats that are used in popular recipes.


Do daily dungeons

You can get an amount of silver drops from the daily Dungeons, as well as the chance at an item that will be sold for a lot of silver. As one of the most popular items, the lvl90 dungeon’s Arde Dagger can be sold for 800k silver on Telsiai.

What are some good items to farm for?

Up to now, the best farming money method for Grand Cross recipe is crafting and selling for it. It’s worth more than 300k on AH on the Telsiai. Uncommonly you can get recipe drops from Pinos roaming around on the western side of Gate of The Kings Map. Also an Oak Crossbow is necessary, often you need to get from quest boss drops and 32 matsum stems, and from the matsums in Kavailas Forest.


In Ashaq Dungeon 3F you can farm for another expensive item which is called Varv Skins. You can sell for 20k each on Telsiai, and they are used in the Ashaq collection, as well as to craft the fantastic beetle shell shield.


Varv can be found on the Ashaq Underground Prison 3F, and also can be found in the Royal Masouleum 1F. It worth farming together in the Ashaq Underground Prison 3F with the blue vubbe fighter tokens for the collection, they can be sold for 50k each.


Above are some tips for making more tos silver, thanks for your reading. If you are interested in more tos news, please visit us.


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