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  • How to Make Crafting in Tree of Savior
    By John Ryan2016-06-17 00:00:00

    In Tree of Savior, through Crafting System all classes will be able to craft some items in the game. However, first you have to acquire a manual to craft a particular item in order to craft an item. Automatically a manual will be recorded on Adventure Journal once the manual gets used and after that the item can be crafted at any time. Certain manuals can be taught to the others. You can craft the item when you collect all the ingredient items that are specified in a manual.


    First of all, most of the recipes you receive will be the blue quality or “uncommon” gear. As for the more “traditional” crafting in TOS, it seems limited to a handful of recipes that are obtained as the occasional drop from random mobs and as quest rewards. Like a simple chest piece or gloves which can be received as quest rewards or random drops, you will have to collect several crafting ingredients as drops along with a base item. You will need to have your character sit and then press “2” to open the crafting window when you’ve collected everything.

    how to make crafting in tree of savior

    To craft items are the necessary issue for recipes, and from what I’ve seen this is limited to gear and weapons. To craft these items and the materials are gained through questing and killing mobs that everyone can do, not farming nodes of any kind. Because the entire system is pretty limited to begin with, so you won’t find a list of professions to choose from or have to limit yourself to one form of crafting over another.


    I haven’t seen other forms of crafting other than the weapons and gear you can make. If they exist, it must be something discovered in the game later on. There are several “crafting” classes like the Squire, Alchemist and the Pardoner, however I wouldn’t call them crafters so much as “service” classes. You will be able to set up a shop in one of the cities to sell item repairs, improve gems, or even sell abilities if you happen to play a Swordsman, Wizard or Cleric respectively and select one of those three advanced classes. From what I understand you can have one character set up to sell these things in town while playing on another character on the same account. It’s a simple form of having player vendors but it’s more than what I’ve seen in most other MMOG.


    At higher levels, recipes rewarded requires materials that can only be obtained by defeating bosses you will encounter during several quest chains spanning 2 or 3 zones. The end result will be a crafted purple, or “rare” quality item. This is why I’m starting to think crafting was simply meant to be a way to reward players for fully completing a series of maps and quests by providing powerful gear that otherwise can’t be earned any other way during the leveling process. If that’s the intention then I like the way crafting is implemented as it makes the gear feel more meaningful because how long it took to obtain everything. Also it makes more rewarding because it’s the only way to earn such a powerful piece of gear.

    how to make crafting in tree of savior

    The menu will appear on the left hand side where you can select the item you wish to make. Selecting the item will expand the menu where you will then click on the boxes with plus signs to add each ingredient, if you would like name your piece, and then once you are ready press “craft” to make the item. If they are in your storage you will need to have your materials in your bag as they will not be detected. Thankfully tree of savior is very generous with the amount of crafting materials you can hold in your bag, so it’s not too difficult to hold on to everything you need to make several items.


    Hopefully more and more crafting will be obtained in TOS, but if not I think the system works with the simplicity of the game. While it may be limited at early levels that crafting an item feels important once you’ve finally gathered everything. In order to reach the next tier, when crafting a skill to level and a pile of vendor trash you don’t need to make. Instead when you finish the story quests to earn the ingredients, you need to make a useful item that cannot be obtained from anywhere else.


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