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The Best Way to Make FFXIV Gil Fast in Patch 2.3 in Final Fantasy: ARR

John Ryan Date: 2014-07-11 Views: 852 ffxivffxiv gilfarm ffxiv gilsafe ffxiv gilpower leveling

 ffxiv desynthesis

FFXIV GIL is definitely needed for various consumption in the game Final Fantasy: ARR as equipment and repair, buff-food and potion, housing and the incoming privat


e chamber, teleporting etc. so making enough gil by FFXIV gamers is necessary for everyone. I think most players know that there are 7 ways to make ff14 gil in current patch which are Quests, Challenge Log, Crafting, Gathering, Converting, Dungeons and Market Board. Happily, the best way to make ffxiv gil will be implemented in the next patch 2.3.


The new way is named Desynthesis which is a new crafting ability that reduces items into to their constituent parts. Desynthesis can be used on a number of different items including equipment, housing, furnishings and fish. So these items that would be useless anymore can be desynthesized to useful materials to be sold in the MB or to NPC to get gil or synthesized to other useful items. And special items can be yielded sometimes, so you can sell them to get good earning if you don't use them. Because it must be leveled first, some players must think it will be a waste on time and gil, but it pays off in the end and I think it is a long-term best investment up to now.


If you really don't have time to level your Desynthesis by yourself, you can buy FFXIV Power Leveling. When one of it reaches to full 100, you will be able to use it to make a bunch of FFXIV GIL for your future gaming. Keep in mind, Desynthesis must be a long-term best investment.

ffxiv desynthesis

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ffxivffxiv gilfarm ffxiv gilsafe ffxiv gilpower leveling

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