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How to Choose a Reliable Site when Buying Virtual Gold

John Ryan Date: 2014-06-14 Views: 860 wow goldffxiv gilarcheage goldgold scam

You can find a large numbers of sites that are selling virtual gold when you search a game currency at Google. So you must try your best to find the reliable sites to avoid being scammed. To master the way to distinguish scam from legit is very important for you. Here I illustrate through Final Fantasy XIV's currency: FFXIV GIL.

When you search "FFXIV GIL" in Google, you will find the sites www.a***.com, www.mmogah.com and www.b***.com and other plentiful sites. Usually, you will compare their prices, and find one site's price is very cheap, you will now be attracted by its ridiculous price, then buy from the site. In a short time, minutes, hours or days, you will realize you got scammed, you cant obtain the product you buy and the site wont refund even block you, wont response any more. So do not choose a site just according to its cheapest price, you must search its review on Google.

You search " a*** review", you will find reviews at the site trustpolit, and other sites, many buyers left reviews about it, like "site is a scam, you WILL lose your money", "scam", "Never got the product, disconnected by customer service, never got a refund", "scam! Beware!", "Definitely a scam ..." and more. After you read this, will you still buy from them? Never buy. For the site b***, the result is the same. Both of them take advantage of Paypal company's rule about virtual item to scam gamers, keeping buyers' money but not to give them what they bought.

When you search "mmogah review", you will find plentiful good and great reviews from real buyers at many sites like trustpilot, mmobux, blog and other ones. Obviously, www.mmogah.com is a lot more reliable than the other two sites. However you can check more sites's reviews and compare their prices to find the best one.

It's the same for other game currency like WOW Gold, Wildstar Gold, ESO gold  and so on. The way will help you to avoid losing your money, and have happy purchase.

Mmogah review, ffxiv gil

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wow goldffxiv gilarcheage goldgold scam

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