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Sunwell Patch 3.1 - Secrets of Ulduar Is Coming Soon

Shirley Huang April 09th, 2018 Sunwell    MmoGah News

With Sunwell Naxxramas and Eye of Eternity releases, next content patch 3.1 - Secrets of Ulduar is coming soon! Many players have taken part in the game, and they would like to buy sunwell gold instead farming sunwell wow gold by themselves.

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The march of Horde and Alliance armies through Northrend led to numbers of victories, but these successes paled before a discovery made by the explorer Brann Bronzebeard within the ancient titan complex of Ulduar. This mysterious fortress had long served for the Old God Yogg-Saron’s prison, a being of unfathomable evil whose influence had spread into the Northrend continent itself.

With Brann's assistance, small bands of Alliance and Horde champions infiltrated Ulduar to confront Yogg-Saron, who blasted the invaders with cryptic visions: the millennia-old creation of an artifact known as the Dragon Soul, Stormwind's King Llane’s the assassination, and a glimpse of the Lich King's future.



Ulduar Open Beta Tests

Official team will open a third realm with characters copied from Angrathar and guilds that apply to test Ulduar. The Test Realm will be closed by default and will be open two times a week at evening. Every guild with access to the tests will have a Game Master present during tests. Guilds are eager to help us can apply. Open test’s date will be announced in the following days/weeks.


Secrets of Ulduar release date

Secrets of Ulduar release date will be announced in the trail (May 2, 2018).

Ulduar and Furious Gladiator are going to be longer than the current content. Maybe around 6 months, so Call of the Crusade season would be launched in 2018 November/December.


Each encounter is difficult, but attractive to both hardcore raiders and possible for more casual guilds. It was really hard with Tier 7 content. The situation is getting better at each next content, where we have Heroic versions (in case of ToGC and ICC) and Hard Mode bosses (Ulduar).

1. Ulduar Difficulty

New patch 3.1 will increase boss' difficulty for hardcore PvE players, which is easier, since it doesn't affect the "normal" gameplay. Ulduar is quite difficult raid tech-wise, it's a success to have it scripted properly, and then it'll be a challenge even without boosts. This content’s is satisfaction of all groups of raiders. Hardcore raiders will have challenging Hard Mode bosses, more casual players will face completely working Normal version encounters with values of the first weeks of Ulduar on retail.


The final terms refer to Ulduar boost as below.

Ulduar 10

Ulduar 10-Man is going to be pre-nerf. 

Ulduar 25 Normal

Just like 10-Man, Ulduar 25-Man is going to be pre-nerf. No changes in mechanics or timers, everything is in pre-nerf state. Some encounters, such as Razorscale, will have his HP boosted accordingly, because some bosses didn't have pre-nerf state. HP boost’s value for bosses without pre-nerf state will be analogical to difference between other bosses' pre-nerf and post-nerf state.

Ulduar 25 Hard Mode

Hard Mode encounters are going to be pre-nerf. Some bosses will have their HP boosted or timers reduced, however the mechanics will not change. 

Pre-nerf values are the values which were implemented by Blizzard and were either pushed to live servers or PTR, but were changed after time (most of them were nerfs).


2. Deadly Boss Mods

It will create Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)’s version which will contain all changes. The addon will be available for download before patch 3.1 content launches.


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