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Sunwell Angrathar: the Eye of Eternity Will Be Released on March 3

Shirley Huang February 27th, 2018 Sunwell    MmoGah News

Good news! Sunwell Angrathar: the Eye of Eternity is coming on March 3.

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The Eye of Eternity (also known as EoE) is a raid in wow game. It is the final instance and the only raid of the Nexus, in which players will be able to defeat the blue dragon - Malygos. The fight against Malygos is comparable to the fight against Onyxia, since he is a solo raid boss in his own instance.

Location: The Nexus, Coldarra

Race(s): Blue Dragonflight

End Boss: Malygos

Instance info

Type: Raid

Minimum Level: 80

You will face Malygos, the Spell-Weaver, the Blue Aspect of Magic, leader of the Blue Dragonflight and one of the oldest inhabitants of Azeroth! 10-Man and 25-Man versions of this raid are going to be launched in Heroic Mode (greatly increased difficulty)!


The entrance to the Eye of Eternity is in the Borean Tundra zone on the continent of Northrend. The instance was released in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. The raid contains 1 bosses. The Eye of Eternity’s end boss is Malygos.


You should use Heroic Key to the Focusing Iris to begin the fight, which drops from Sapphiron in Naxxramas once per kill. The Heroic Key can apply to the 10-man and 25-man versions to start the fight.

When the raid first came out, the game required player to complete Naxxramas including the Bone drake Saphiron. Now the sole player raids dungeon to hope to get the drop mounts. The raid is easy for high level characters, and it is fun.


Malygos Tactics

You should click on the crystal ball at the center of the room to start the Malygos fight.

The first phase will be a straight forward tank and spank. Occasionally, he will create arcane sparks that must be destroyed primarily by the ranged. He can throw players spinning in the air who you can’t control over. He will fly away and his acolytes predominantly Blood Elf will appear on flying discs when his health is down.

You mush kill all the flyers to progress to the next stage. An acolyte’s disc will land if you kill it, and you can jump on and take off to kill the others. You can get an achievement, if you kill an acolyte without help.

You will land and the ground will break away once all the acolytes are down. When you fall, a red dragon will appear and catch you. When the circles round the dragons image have all gone red, you should hit the dragon with all you can. Repeat the key press routine until Malygos dies. It is an achievement, if you can kill him under size minutes. Occasionally, the boss will drop a flying mount.


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