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Everything You Should Know Before Releasing Sunwell Patch 3.1

Shirley Huang May 23rd, 2018 Sunwell    MmoGah News

Sunwell Patch 3.1 Secrets of Ulduar will come on May 26.

Do you know everything about new PvE and PvP seasons contents? Here mmogah.com would like to share the details, and you'll find answers from this guide. 


Firstly, Deadly Gladiator Seasons ends on May 21 at 23:59 Realm Time. After this time office site will make a copy of PvP rankings and will analyze results of the teams in terms of rules. Set such rules to avoid abusing of PvP.


These rules are strict and we should aware of it: 

1. In order to receive a reward, the difference between the player and his teammate cannot be higher than 50. Teams with one member won't be considered to end season rewards.
2. In order for a team to be awarded, it needs at least 30 played arenas in the last arena week before the season's last arena point flush.

During this week office site will analyze all results and make a changes in rules if needed - don't worry no one will be harmed

The final results should be published on Sunday at the latest. From this Tuesday you can obviously join arenas, but remember that all the results as well as arena points will be reset on Saturday. 


What will be removed when it comes to PvP? 

Arena Points will be removed; 

Honor Points will be removed;

Stone Keeper's Shard will be removed; 

Wintergrasp Commendation and Commendation of Bravery will be removed; 

All the stuff mentioned above will be removed on Saturday at 9:30 Realm Time. 

Wintergrasp Mark of Honor won't be removed; 

So, Furious Gladiator Season officially starts after the Saturday's morning restart. You will be able to collect honor points and exchange them to Furious Gladiator items, all the NPCs will be added after the restart as well. The first arena flush of Furious Season will take place on Sunday May 27 at 23:00. 



First and foremost, Ulduar will be released on May 26 at 19:00 Realm Time, which is the official date of beginning the new PvE content. However, Emblem of Conquest NPCs will be added after the morning restart on Saturday.

None of your emblems will be removed and emblems won't be converted.

Reins of the Plagued Proto-Drake will be unobtainable from May 25th, but Reins of the Black Proto-Drake will be obtainable during whole Ulduar's season. 

The Obsidian Sanctum and The Eye of Eternity will be reverted to their blizzlike versions, however Naxxramas 25 will be kept in its current form. 

Bold Stormjewel, Delicate Stormjewel, Solid Stormjewel, Sparkling Stormjewel, Brilliant Stormjewel, Runed Stormjewel, Rigid Stormjewel will be obtainable after the morning restart on Saturday. 

Emalon the Storm Watcher will be added on the next Friday June 1st because of changing of IDs reset schedule: 

1st ID: May 23 - June 1- Ulduar released May 26

2nd ID: June 1 - June 7 - on this ID Emalon will be released in both 10 man and 25 man VoA (this way nobody will start ulduar with T8 set items just because they got "lucky")

3nd ID: June 7 - June 13 - Back at normal "raid reset" day


Quests: Jack Me Some Lumber and A Chip Off the Ulduar Block will be released after the Saturday's morning restart.

Improved The Kirin Tor jewellery will be added after the Saturday's morning restart.



We hope that the information presented above will help you better prepare for the release of new content on Sunwell. The first stage of WotLK adventure is almost finished and we hope that you've been having a blast. I personally think that Ulduar is definitely the most interesting raid of the whole Wrath of the Lich King expansion, thus office site has made a lot of effort to provide you the best quality possible. 

Be ready for more sunwell gold in advance to accept the new formidable challenges!


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