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Start 2018 with a Magical New Wardrobe in Revelation Online

By Delia Woolf2018-01-02

What better way to celebrate a brand new year in Revelation Online than to bring back a huge collection of fan favorite costume and accessories? From the Heavenly Bow series of items all the way to Demolisher there is something for everyone to enjoy!


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Until January 5th, 14:00 CET/05:00 PST, we are offering a selection of spectacular cosmetics for those of you who want to dress to impress!





Partner up with your friends and wreak havoc through dungeons with Demolisher. Race through the ravines near the Altar of Swords in Thunder Run or decorate your models in your fitting room with the various Heavenly Bow outfits!


Heavenly Bow – Spirited


Heavenly Bow - Austere


Heavenly Bow - Grand


Heavenly Bow - Beautiful


Heavenly Bow - Pure




Thunder Run (m)


Thunder Run (f)


Altar of Swords


The land is rife with stories, fables and tales of the past, yet none are quite as prominent as that of the war of five wardens. Having culminated into a battle so zealous, violent and bloody, it is said that the blades of the fallen warriors adopted the killing aura and intent of the slain wielder, an unexplainable phenomenon that lasted long beyond the end of that brutal battle.

Having witnessed this occurrence, it dawned on a particular individual that this same effect could very well have happened to that of the White Wardens’s own sword, thus Monethir, founder of the Blademaster Class, began his studies.

To this day, he is the sole person across the kingdom to comprehend the White Warden sword techniques – and while he may no longer be with us in the flesh, his soul still wanders that same battlefield, eternally seeking to pass on his learnings to others, for such knowledge was never meant to be contained by one person, living or dead.



Let your friends gaze in awe and check out the web shop by January 5th, 14:00 CET/05:00 PST to grab your pack before it’s too late. Happy New Year!


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