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Soul Worker News: Unlock Haru’s Full Potential

Nancy G September 07th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Hot Soul Worker Event! There are plenty of new districts waiting to be uncovered in the new town, Grasscover Camp! The region is suited to characters level 55 and up, who are now working their way towards the new level cap of 60. Now MmoGah will show you more details, or you can come to Gameforge to see the original post.

The Soul Worker team also delivering the first class expansion! Haru is the first to bask in the glory of new skills. You’ll unlock the quest to do so from level 57. The other characters will be getting their class expansions in coming updates, as soon as possible, to make sure all characters are at the same level.


In celebration of the class expansion they have put an item pack together that you can collect for free in the in-game shop. Simply check the Top Offers category.

The offer is available until 20/9/2018.

Included in the pack:

Haru Estia Figure
Powder Blue (Haru, hair colour)
Inventory Expansion Ticket
10× Bonus Keycard
10× HP & SF Kit


Attention Treasure Hunters: Rare treasure chests will be appearing in the districts of Grace City and Ruin Fortress until 20/9/2018! 

The more difficult a district you complete, the better the chance of a rare treasure chest. The common treasure chests will have the same chance to appear as before.

What’s in these mysterious chests? Only an experienced treasure such as yourself will find out! There are rumous however that they include things such as summer decorations for in-game homes. Armour and weapon chips may also be hidden in them, as well as dozens of other items.





Together with Haru’s class expansion, you have the chance to get Haru Style furniture and decorations from the in-game shop!

Included in the Haru Estia Accessory Pack:

Haru Estia Poster
Haru Estia Figure
Haru’s SD Doll

Haru’s Decorative Cardboard Cutout

Included in the Haru Estia Furniture Pack:

Haru’s Emblem Mat
Haru’s Round Bed
Haru’s Morning Chair

That’ s all about this event. You can come to the
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