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Soul Worker Lily Guide: Part 2- Tips on Playing Lily

Nancy G May 17th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Dear Soul Worker players, today I will show you Soul Worker Lily Guide part 2. You can learn about tips on playing Lily in this gaming news, and you can see more Soul Worker Guide if you need in MmoGah.



Tips on Playing Lily

1. You should always pay attention to your SG, and try to keep your SG above half to receive a +5% Critical Rate buff.


2. If you're running low on SG, gather up mobs together and use aerial slashes with left/right click attacks in the air. You can also use [left click x3, right click x3] combo on the ground.


3. Always give your party members the +15% Critical Rate buff if you can.


4. Party up with Stella to get her SG buff. You'll be able to concentrate on dealing damage more with SG buff.


5. When you decide on skill order in your skill combos, always keep in mind that you get the best bonuses when using 3-step bonus.


6. If you want to activate 3-step bonus for a skill quickly, you can put that skill in the 3rd slot at the top, then put another skill on both the middle and bottom slot.


7. Some of Lily's skills make her assailable to enemy attacks. Always be mindful of that and pick a good time to use those skills without putting yourself at a risk.


8. Put skills with low cooldown, low animation time and low damage in the first or second (or both) slots in skill combos. That's because you wouldn't gain much benefits for those skills if you activated a 3-step bonus for them. Also, since their cooldown is low, they should be in the base of slots so that you can use them often to activate 3-step bonus for skills placed in the last slot of skill combos.


9. Dedicate one column of your skill bar for Death Tornado skill. Put that skill in all 3 vertical slots of one skill column. That’s because you want to be able to spam Death Tornado over and over with Big Puppet AR Card's no-cooldown buff from breaking a gold ball. Or you can only put Death Tornado in one of the vertical slots, and leave the rest 2 slots empty. This will have the same effect as filling up all 3 vertical slots with Death Tornado.


10. In your gear, try to stack up as much Critical Rate, Critical Damage and Penetration as you can. You can stacking a lot of Critical Damage because Lily has the highest Critical Rate of all classes, and this advantage of Lily is good. Stacking Penetration is good as well if you're planning to use Cruel Slash skill, as its Penetration passive along with your high Penetration stat will make that skill deal very high damage. Having at least 120% Attack Speed helps as well, as you'll be able to throw one more Death Tornado during Big Puppet's no-cooldown buff.


That’s all my tips on playing Lily, and Soul Worker Lily Guide comes to an end. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai but don’t know Where Is the Best Place to Buy, you can come to the Reliable Gaming Seller MmoGah with reassurance. You can get Large Coupons at MmoGah and the professional services will never let you down.

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