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Soul Worker Lily Guide: Part 1- Skills

Lily is the middle difficulty character in Soul Worker. Today, MmoGah will show you Lily Guide, and I will introduce Lily Skills first. These skills are objective description, not Lily skill builds, so you can build your own Lily skills according to your preference.



Active skills

Evil Slash

This skill has low reach, short animation time and pretty low damage, which attacks enemies in a short range.


Spinning Devil

This skill attacks enemies in a straight line, then by spinning slashes, however the range of finishing spinning slashes is not good. The skill takes quite a lot of time to cast, and its damage is not good.


Scythe Cutter

This skill slashes enemies directly and makes them airborne. It's a quick skill with small damage and short range.


Grim Countdown

This skill has decent damage and pretty short animation time, it performs a single slash in a rather small area. You can use it as a DPS skill.


Fear Chain

This is a good skill for gathering mobs in a medium-sized area. You can use it on bosses, as it has very good SA Break.


Death Grinder

This skill throws a scythe forwards like a boomerang and deals multiple hits. Damage of Death Grinder is not great, but its SA Break is decent. You can use this skill to gather up some mobs in a straight line.


Death Scythe

This skill deals small damage in a small circular area around Lily, it used to be quite weak and very optional before advancement.


Cruel Slash

Lily becomes immobile and can perform multiple slashes by rapidly clicking left mouse button. The finishing strike is automatically performed once the timer for this skill runs out.


Grim Reaper

You can activate this skill after jumping and pressing 1 in the air. The damage of Grim Reaper is decent and its animation is short. You can follow it up with left/right clicks to restore SG in the air after using this skill


Force Region

This is the most important skill of Lily. It gives up to +15% Critical Rate for 20 seconds to everyone in the party. The range of this skill is very wide, so you can hit everyone in the party with this skill.


Death Tornado

This is the most important DPS skill of Lily. Its cast time is very short, and it deals damage over time in a medium area. This skill can be spammed with a Big Puppet AR Card.


Evil Trinity

Lily attacks enemies in a triangular area to the front. This skill deals multiple hits and pushes back enemies, and its damage is good.


Death Guillotine

This is Lily's ultimate skill. While it deals good damage, it has many problems, such as the range of this skill is very low. Other characters have better ultimate skills than Lily.


Bloody Blossom

This skill is only available after advancement, it's a second aerial skill for Lily. You can activate this skill by pressing 2 in the air. This skill restores SG if you can hit numerous enemies at once.


Fury Scythe

This skill is only available after advancement. You can fully rotate your camera and change the direction in which Lily is travelling while using this skill.


Passive Skills

Basic Attack Mastery

The most important bonus from this skill is improved SG recovery from performing basic attacks. This is a good skill to buy if you're having problems with SG recovery.


Special Ability Mastery

This skill has different effects depending on if you use it on the ground or in the air. On the ground, Lily will dash forwards and deal small damage during the dash. In the air, Lily will perform two circular slashes that deal pretty decent damage and restore a lot of SG.


Emergency Dodge

You can dodge on the ground with Shift button by using 20 Stamina points. You can also perform an air dash if you press Shift in the air.


Rising Roll

If you're knocked down to the ground, you can press Shift to roll back onto your feet by using 25 Stamina. If you max out this skill, your roll will be quicker, but it also means your invincibility will be shorter as well.


Rising Attack

If you're knocked down, you can press left click to rise up to your feet while dealing small damage and using 30 Stamina. You can only use this skill once every 15 seconds. You are invincible for 1 second while using this skill.


Special Dodge

This skill lets you use a special dodge while you're being hit by the enemy and normally you wouldn't be able to dodge, and it is very useful in Primal when small tentacles knock you up into the air.


Special Dash Attack

You can activate this skill by right clicking during a dash. Lily performs a quick slash for decent damage. The reach of this skill isn't that great.


Stamina Mastery

This skill improves the base Stamina regen ability. Normally, you can recover 5 Stamina every second. Each level of this skill gives you additional 0.5 Stamina recovery every second.


Intensifying Madness

This passive skill increases your Critical Damage up to +1300.


Rampaging Madness

This passive skill comes with Lily's advancement. It will be activated when your HP falls below 50%. It will decrease your SG Consumption, increase Critical Damage and Penetration for 10 seconds.


Crazy Scythe

This passive skill gives Lily +5% Critical Rate and +5% Attack if her SG is above 50%. The +5% Attack increase only applies to your base Attack stat, so it's pretty much useless.


That’s all my introduction about Lily Skills, and I will show you tips on playing Lily in the next part. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzeani and know more about Soul Worker Guide, you can visit MmoGah, a Reliable Gaming Store where you can get safe Soul Worker Gold with Large Coupons. Welcome to MmoGah!

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