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  • Soul Worker Iris Guide: Iris Yuma Skill Builds
    By Nancy G2018-07-19 00:00:00

    Soul Worker has released a new character Iris Yuma, whose emotion is “rage” and the degree of difficulty is “three stars”. Today the Best Online Gaming Store MmoGah will show you Iris Yuma Skill Builds, and I wish this guide will help you a lot.




    Sh-2I.jpg Special Ability Mastery

    Grind your hammer against the floor to damage enemies in range and gain a fire buff for 10 seconds at max level when you on the ground. You recover 25% SG as well at max level. Don't dodge cancel the animation too early, because the SG recovery only applies after you bring your hammer back up. Dive forward and slam your hammer into the ground, damaging surrounding enemies when you in the air.


    Sh-9.jpg Special Dodge Attack

    Do a front flip while swinging your hammer, knocking enemies back. This skill allows you to gain SG while keeping enemies at bay.


    IP1-2.jpg Rapid Attack

    This skill reduces the SG cost of all skills by a fixed percent. Level 1: 5%, level 2: 8%, and level 3: 10%. Its highest cost is 75 SG, so 10% would amount to only 7.5 SG.



    I1-1.jpg Hammer Crash

    Swing your hammer to attack enemies, and it will continue the combo with a side swing and a ground smash by pressing [RMB] ×2.


    I1-2.jpg Camel Spin

    While you twirling your hammer to constantly attack surrounding enemies, jump forward and flip upside down. Rather low damage overall.


    I1-12.jpg Electric Cannon

    Somehow levitate your hammer and cause it to fire a laser beam forward while you sit and ride on it. While doing this, you can move slowly. The laser deals high SA destruction only if you fire it and land all hits for the entire duration, but if you want to kill the enemy fast, it isn't ideal.


    I1-3.jpg Assault Dive

    Your highest DPS skill early game. Dash forwards to "poke" the enemy, then press [RMB] ×2 to fire off two close-range explosive shots. Initiating those two shots will lead to an animation lock, which you can’t dodge cancel.


    I1-4.jpg Fire Somersault

    This skill fires an energy puddle into the ground while somersaulting backwards. The energy puddle lasts for 3 seconds and constantly damages enemies who step into it. If enemies get hit for the entire duration, this skill will deal high damage.


    I1-5.jpg Spiral Pierce

    Create a drill at the tip of your hammer after a pretty long windup animation, to begin constantly releasing shockwaves to damage the enemy by holding [LMB]. You can’t move while in this state, and can only end it either by dodge cancelling, or by releasing [LMB] and firing off the drill at enemies.

    I1-6.jpg Pulse Fire

    Enter a firing stance, using [LMB] ×3 to launch three energy spheres per shot, for a total of nine spheres. So the only way to land all three spheres on a target is to stand close to it, because the energy spheres split into three different directions. If all spheres hit, this skill deals high damage. You can’t move while in this stance, but can exit the stance by either pressing [RMB] or firing all three shots at any given time.

    I1-7.jpg Limit Break

    This skill provides a buff to all allies in range, whereby the damage of your next "hit" will be raised by 170% at max Lvl. Skills like Exceed Driver don't get their entire multiplier increased by 170%, because the buff also only applies to the first "hit" of any skills.

    I1-11.jpg Earthquake

    Insert your hammer into the ground to create shockwaves by tapping [LMB] constantly. The shockwaves don't do much damage individually, but it also takes quite long to create max shockwaves within the time limit. Ends automatically when the timer expires with a final [RMB] shockwave. You can’t move while in this state, but can end it early either by dodge cancelling or pressing [RMB].


    I1-8.jpg Bullet Storm

    Fire a shot upwards, which split up into five smaller shells to bombard the area in front of you. Spam this when under Big Plastica's golden ball effect.

    I1-9.jpg Full Burst

    This skill turns your hammer into a pseudo-lightsaber. Begin charging by holding the skill key up to 3 levels, and each charge level increases damage. Unleash two side slashes followed by a forward, downward slash when it released. It deals high damage, but charging takes a lot of time.


    I1-10.jpg Eternal Abyss

    This skill is only usable when in the air. Throw your hammer forward, towards the ground. The hammer creates a black hole that pulls enemies towards the center while damaging them. Black hole lasts 4 seconds at level 1, increasing by 1 second per level.

    I1-13.jpg Exceed Driver

    Disassemble your hammer to absorb it and then summon energy portal to fire lasers forward. The range isn't very wide but fires very far. You are invincible for the entire animation, make sure your target can't move out of range before using the laser, because it takes some time to fire. You have to sit through the animation, because you can’t dodge cancel either. This skill deals ridiculous amounts of damage if most of the laser hits the target.


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