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  • Soul Worker Haru Guide: Part 3-Sample Skill Builds and Haru Tips
    By Nancy G2018-04-27 00:00:00

    Today, MmoGah, the Professional Gaming Store, will show you the last part of Soul Worker Haru Guide-Sample Skills Builds and Haru Tips. The following guide is just my personal opinion, and is not the only method. You can build your character on the base of your preferences.



    Sample Skill Builds

    The following section will provide example builds through the Soul Worker skill simulator found here.

     - Level 55: 140 skill points

     - Level 60: build: 153 skill points

     - Level 55 build assuming no resets at advancement: 123 skill points


    However, at level 60 with advancements, we are given a lot of new skills but only 13 more skills points for them. This means we are very thirsty for skill points and need to cut back from previous skills accordingly.



    Skill bar setup for reference:

     - SA break combo: Storm Strider → Ground Pound → Bolt Waltz

     - Standard DPS combo: Whirl Blade → First Blade → Armour Smash

     - Full SG regen combo: Blow Up → Wind Rupture

     - Group nuke: Bladewall → Wind Rupture or Rain of Blades


    Haru Tips

    - Haru's strength rests with her multiple gap closers and prominent SF regeneration. You should always hit it if there's an enemy.


    - Try to sprint to avoid attacks instead of Escape Route whenever you can. Sprinting takes no stamina, but it doesn't cancel the delay caused by your skills, so always anticipate when a boss is going to retaliate and stop attacking with enough time to Sprint out the way. Escape Route should be used for exigencies or for attacks that cover too large an area for you to get out in time.


    - Use Haru's ground Soulstrike to launch enemies for the bonus damage.


    - Try to use combos that make sense. There's no innate synergy between Wind Rupture into Armour Smash, for example, but using First Blade into Bolt Waltz into Wind Rupture makes for a high damage combo that creates distance and hits numerous targets effectively. This is just an example, but experiment with which combos work well for you and use them accordingly.


    - Use Bladewall to effectively group enemies for you and your team's skills. It has a fairly low cooldown, so suitable use can reduce time spent running around chasing stray mobs.


    - When a boss or elite mob has SA up, prioritize skills that have high SA break, like Bladequake, Storm Strider, and Ground Pound. Once the SA is broken, prioritize your DPS skills like Armour Smash and First Strike. I would recommend setting a skill chain that uses these skills in order, so that you have an easy consecutiveness to effective break SA or deal damage.


    - Try and reserve Arena Storm for phases with large DPS uptime. If your allies can attack the target, the Attack buff is only earning its keep.


    Soul Worker Haru Guide comes to an end, and I will show guide of other characters as soon as possible. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai and learn about more Soul Worker Guide, you can come to the Reliable Gaming Seller MmoGah with reassurance.