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Soul Worker Haru Guide: Part 2 Haru’s Skills – Active Skills

Nancy G April 20th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

The Best Gaming Store MomGah will show you Soul Worker Haru Guide continuously. Today, I will show you the second part: Haru’s Skills. I will break down Haru's skills into 3 categories: Active, Passive, and Advancement, and this gaming news will show Active Skills firstly. 




FirstStrike_zpsfqc6c2vp.png First Blade   


This skill is marvelous, which not only has extremely good DPS on a 15 seconds cooldown, but also has a moderately high SF cost. The skill allows you to change your attack midway direction.


PierceStep_zps9bziqk0t.png Storm Strider


This skill has a low cooldown, the lowest SF cost of her skills, and focuses mainly on SA break, so its damage isn't that great. It has been brought up that at max rank, this skill does very good SA break on a low cooldown.



Whirl Blade


This skill's advantage is its spammability and ability to start combos. When we get Haru's advancement, this skill's importance changes drastically.



Blow Up


Haru charges her sword with energy for 20 seconds. During this time, each hit Haru lands on enemies will restore a certain percentage of Haru's SF, scaling with skill level and monster rank. This effect applies to skills as well, but the effect of the skill applies to a maximum of 5 targets per attack.





Haru pierces her sword into the ground in front of her, creating a wave of energy blades that erupt from the ground a short distance forward. Another skill that does goodish damage, and is better at breaking SA.





Haru fires off three swords in a Wind Scar-like cone pattern, then pulls swords back towards her, dragging along all enemies without SA. Its main value is gathering mobs in front of Haru to finish off with other skills.



Armour Smash


It does a mass of damage over SA break, with a quick animation and relatively low cooldown. You should be careful not to miss the skill, because it does not have any forward movement and has a brief start-up time.



Ground Pound


The skill button can be held to increase the distance Haru leaps foward. The real attraction of this skill are the very high SA break and goodish damage to go with it. It has an average cooldown and good AoE coverage.



Arena Storm


This is Haru's only support skill, but is unfortunately a bit ordinary. The percentage buff only affects the portion of attack from your character, not the weapon or flat attack on gear. This makes the actual increase quite a bit smaller than expected.



Bolt Waltz


This skill is very good. It has one of the shortest animation times, does heavy damage, pierces multiple enemies and has high SA break, all within 20 seconds cooldown. It’s also a skill that creates distance, allowing you to use it to dodge certain attacks without missing a beat.



Slash& Dash


This skill is pretty amazing since it cuts through mobs like butter, explodes on impact for additional damage, and chains perfectly into Haru's LLRR (hold) combo.



Wind Rupture


Another prominent skill, Wind Rupture, does sizeable AoE damage and decent SA break, but is offset by high cooldown and SF cost. It is the best mobbing skill Haru has, and arguable the best mobbing skill in the game.



Rain of Blades


Haru flings her sword up into the sky in front of her, generating multiple energy blades with it, and doing huge damage. It scales intensely with level, and has a very long cooldown.


That’s all my introduction about Haru’s Active Skills, and I will show Haru’s Passive Skills next. If you want to strengthen your character with Soul Worker Gold and know more about Soul Worker News, you can visit MmoGah, the Professional Gaming Store where you can get safe Soul Worker Dzenai with Large Coupons. Welcome to MmoGah!

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