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Soul Worker Haru Guide: Part 1 - Glossary of Terms and Characteristics of Haru

Nancy G April 19th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Dear Soul Worker players, the Professional Gaming Store MmoGah will show you a series of Haru Guide. As a disclaimer, this guide is purely my personal opinion and by no means the only way of playing Haru. Today, I will show you the Part 1: Glossary of Terms and Characteristics of Haru.



1. Glossary of Terms

- AoE - Area of Effect. A property that allows an attack to affect multiple targets over an area.


- CC - Crowd Control. A term referring to an effect that prevents targets from moving/attacking, for examples, Stun, Paralyze, Knock Up and so on, which is usually present on some skills innately or can be added with Extensions.


- Extension - A skill tier that provides additional effects and benefits to a skill, which can only be accessed if you max the respective skill.


- IF - Invincibility Frames. A term used to refer to a duration during which the character cannot be hit, damaged, or crowd controlled.


- Passives - Skills that generally provide a continuous, permanent effect. Certain skills like Special Attack Mastery break this norm, but generally under this category because they are provided to all characters.


- SF - Soul Force. A resource in the "mana" bar which is consumed to use your skills.


- SA/SA Break - Super Armor/Super Armor Break. A term used to refer to a bar that prevents certain monsters and bosses from being flinched or interrupted by your attacks and skills. When the bar breaks, the target will be dazed or stunned, leaving it open to attack. Each skill has a varying amount of SA break and damage.


- Stamina - A resource used to dodge and use certain skills such as Rising Attack, Rising Roll, and Special Dodge, which is regenerated at a fixed amount per second, and the recovery can be boosted in a variety of ways.


- Soul Nova - A gauge that built up by gathering the remaining energy from each kill, which has a maximum of 100, and can be consumed to enter the buffed states of Hysteria and Supernova.


2. Characteristics of Haru


- Haru has very good SF regeneration from Basic Attack, Blow Up, and her unique Passive Retribution. Haru can spam skills frequently because of this as long as she is actually hitting mobs.


- Large AoE coverage on multiple skills, and her multipliers are very good for burst damage, allowing her to easily clear through packs of monsters.


- Her support skill, Arena Storm, creates a buff field that boosts her and her allies' attack by 20% at max, which is a significant damage boost to the party.


- Due to Arena Storm, Endless Struggle, and later, Eternal Combination bring consistent, high damage which all give her large boosts to her attack.


- She has above average HP, and her Supernova allows her to become extremely durable, functioning as a decent "tank".


- She can be built to have decent CC focus by adding stuns to some skills through extensions.



- Haru is a jack-of-all-trades, so while she does well in many fields, she does not excel in any of them. This can lead to it feeling like there's always another character that does something better than her. For example:

  -- Stella has better support and CC.

  -- Erwin has higher boss damage.

  -- Lily bursts better due to massive crit focus.


- Although her AoE is very decent, she has nothing unique or specially geared towards single-target enemies.


- She has no skill to heal herself.


- Haru is pretty technical when it comes to fighting, but she can be considered easy to pick up, hard to master. As such she may come across as boring to the uninitiated.


That’s all my introduction about the part 1 of Haru guide, and I will share the part 2 Haru Skills Guide in the next Soul Worker News. If you want to Buy Soul Worker Dzenai, you can visit the Safe Soul Worker Dzenai Store MmoGah, where you can purchase gaming goods trustingly because of the precise Privacy Policy. If you want to know more Soul Worker Guide, you can click the website MmoGah. com.

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