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Soul Worker Erwin Guide: Erwin Acrlight Skill Builds

Nancy G May 18th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Erwin Acrlight is the easiest character in Soul Worker, so I will not introduce more about Erwin guide. Today, MmoGah will show you Erwin Acrlight Skill Builds Guide, which includes Basic and Advanced, Passive and Active.




4Lv: Sliding Step

8Lv: Focus Shot

10Lv: Combat Master

13Lv: Guided Shot

17Lv: Electric Shot

34Lv: Buffs

42Lv: Soul Launcher


4Lv: Sliding Step

You can use this skill like dodge.


8Lv: Focus Shot and 13Lv: Guided Shot

Good synergy with sliding step. (Channeling skill= defenseless)


17Lv: Electric Shot

You can use electric melee or ranged (by aim)



I recommend using Sliding Step for the first skill, because Erwin’s skill is too dangerous using in front of enemies. Sliding Step has slow poison smoke and slow debuff. Erwin’s two advancement skills, Blaze hover and Misson Call are Erwin’s main skills, because they have horrible damage (3000%~3500%).



Sh-2e.jpg Special Ability Mastery

While on the ground, this skill throws a proximity mine which slows enemies caught in the explosion when activated. While in the air, it shoots 3 explosive bullets, applying Stun to enemies caught in the blast.


Sh-9.jpg Special Dodge Attack

While running, you can fire a single shot forward which damages enemies in a relatively wide area. This skill casts much faster than the standard dash attack and thus makes you less vulnerable when using it.


EP1-2.jpg Unexpected Luck

This skill is arguably the core stat of Erwin's survivability. Once you max this, you'll see a lot of attacks on you missing. Though unreliable, it can sometimes save your ass when in a tight spot.



E1-1.jpg Sky High

This skill does a somersault kick to launch enemies into the air.


E1-2.jpg Rapid Fire

Fire a volley of shots ahead. Can move while using this skill, but damage is really low and is useless as filler since it costs too much SG for its damage.


E1-3.jpg Gun Combination

Slam into enemies a short distance ahead and shoot them point blank. This skill has low damage like Rapid Fire, and similarly costs too much SG for its damage.


E1-5.jpg Take Aim

A buff which gives 20% Defense Penetration at max Lvl. Combo with Guided Shot to get 100% Defense Ignore, though do take note of the high SG cost.


E1-6.jpg Focus Shot

Enter a firing stance and continuously fire bullets towards wherever your reticle is aiming at by holding [LMB]. Stance ends when either the timer runs out, or if you release [LMB]. Scales with attack speed just like Sky High-Aerial Shots.


E1-8.jpg Guided Shot

Transform your pistols into a sniper rifle to fire a very powerful shot that pierces enemies in a straight line. Begin charging your shot by holding down the skill key, and release to fire. Damage is determined by how many levels you've charged, up to 3 levels.


E1-9.jpg Electric Shot

Transforms your pistols into a grenade launcher to fire a shot which travels in an arc, dealing damage in a mid-sized area. This skill is one of Erwin’s highest DPS skill right behind Guided Shot and Soul Launcher.


E1-10.jpg Napalm Bomb

This skill is only usable while in the air. Erwin "carpet bombs" a diamond-shaped area in front of him with his weapons to inflict small damage and a negligible Damage over Time debuff, but with very high SA destruction values. Do take note of the cast time if you wanna use it though.


E1-11.jpg Sprinter

This is another party buff, which increases movement speed by 20% for allies in range at max Lvl. It is pretty useless before it's maxed along with its extension, so don't waste your SG casting this prior to that.


E1-12.jpg Hide & Seek

A self-buff which grants 1 second of invincibility on skill cast, and afterwards grants Super Armor and 100% Evasion for a max of 20 seconds at max Lvl. SG cost is reduced significantly (from 5 to 3 SG) when maxed.


E1-13.jpg Soul Launcher

This skill briefly spawns loads of guns on your body to begin bombarding the area where the reticle is facing within 10 meters, while pushing enemies back. It deals very high damage if most of the bombardment hits. You are invincible throughout the entire animation, which lasts rather long so you can use it as I-frame if you wish.


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