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Soul Worker Dungeon Guide: Iron Castle Guide

Nancy G June 08th, 2018 Soul Worker    Soul Worker Dzenai   

Soul Worker Iron Castle is the fourth casual raid dungeon, located on the right part of Ruin Fortress. As a Professional Online Gaming Store, we not only sell gaming goods but also provide Gaming News. Today, MmoGah will show you Iron Castle Dungeon Guide.



How to access Iron Castle

You should finish the previous three casual raids and proceed with the chain of raid quests to access it. The man who gives you the quest to unlock portal to Iron Castle is Martin. This dungeon is pretty easy, so you should make sure to follow the advices below to clear the dungeon as fast as possible.


Recommended AR Cards/Gears

AR Cards: Pick up Junk Knight/ Deus Ex Machina/Arachnis to deal AoE Damage. Other good cards are the standard ones, like Glutton Army, Rita, Big Puppet, and other AR Cards that give you more damage capabilities.


Gears: Pick up gears that have HP bonuses, like Crit Rate, Crit Damage, Attack, and Attack Speed.



- Blueprints

- BP (Booker Points)

- Elemental shards

- Raid Accessories

- Tritanium/Irregular Stones/Common Materials

- Tickets to enter Golden Citadel


First area


You should escort the drill until it breaks all 4 walls in the first area. Make sure the drill doesn't get hit too many times because enemies will try to attack it. It will move even slower than it usually does if the drill's HP falls down too low, and you will fail the dungeon and be teleported out if the drill's HP falls down to 0.


Second area


You can see blue lasers which will paralyze you on contact in the second area. You will get the visual glitch which makes the lasers invisible sometimes. The exit is blocked off by purple lasers, which cannot paralyze you.


The first crowd of enemies is in the middle of the room. After you enter the room, the second crowd will spawn 20 seconds. Upon killing the first and second crowd, a red miniboss will spawn in the middle of the purple lasers, along with mobs in the center of the room. Killing them all will spawn a black miniboss on the right of the purple lasers and a blue miniboss on the left of the purple lasers, along with mobs in the center of the room.


Third area


In the lift, you should activate the green switch to make the enemies spawn, and activate the next switch to proceed after killing each wave.


Fourth area


You should kill two scorpion minibosses and the main unit in the middle in this room. You should also dodge lasers that spawn all around the map. Scorpions can fire pink AoEs that will charm you and make you run uncontrollably for a few seconds, which can get you killed if you run into a laser. Try to drag the scorpions near the main unit, so that you can use your AoEs to kill everything in one shot. Mini scorpions will spawn and you should kill them as well if you take too long.


Fifth area


Activate the computer in the back first, then run to the middle where a Core has spawned. You should kill two ghost minibosses. Lasers will spawn all around the map. You might experience a visual glitch which will make them invisible.


The key is to drag the ghosts near the core to kill all of them with AoEs. You should run towards the exit portal and fight the ghosts there if you kill the core but the ghosts are still alive, and their HP is still high.


Boss area

There are 3 robots in this boss fighting, but you should only kill the middle purple robot and ignore the other 2 robots. You should probably kill off them by accident when using AoEs on the main boss. He can waste your time or paralyze you by shooting projectiles and sliding around the map.


He will launch a whole-map AoE attack that you cannot iframe with dodge and ultimate attack at certain HP thresholds. You should stand in one of the 6 safe spots around the map to avoid taking damage from the bombardment attack.


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