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Season of Mastery: Mage AoE Leveling Guide

By Shirley Huang2021-12-30

In Season of Mastery, Area of Effect (AoE) leveling has been a popular choice for Mages to gain quick experience and level up fast. Mage AoE leveling consists of a specific Frost Talent Build and rotation of spells, preventing a group of enemies from hitting the Mage while dealing massive damage. Today MmoGah, as a professional SoM gold shop, will share about the Mage AoE spots, some useful spells, and the talent tree from level 10 to 60. Some of these AoE locations are already very popular, and therefore I like to mix AoE farming with questing when I try to level up to 60 as fast as possible.


Leveling 10-20

When you're at AoE farming, you can get your first spell - Arcane Explosion at level 14. At level 16, you can unlock Flamestrike and combine these two and do some decent AoE at level 16, but before you start AoE, you need some gear. Usually, you will get “of the Eagle” items. In order to increase your stamina and intellect, you need a decent amount of stamina to survive when you go in and pull all the enemies. You need to have a high mana pool, so you can do all the spells you need in order to kill the targets.


som mage-1


The talent tree that I used at level 16. There are a few ways you can do this. You can pull what you want, and then you run in, stack them, do Arcane Explosion, a frosting over into a Flamestrike, and then you can do a lot of Arcane Explosions till the targets are dead. To make a successful pull, you should try to stack all of them on top of each other to make sure the Flamestrike hits all the targets.


Another way is by using your Flamestrike on the pull, then you should try to run into the Flamestrike, keep the AoE damage from the Flamestrike, but you can also do a few Arcane Explosions, a Frost Nova into a new Flamestrike, and then you do Arcane Explosions till the targets are dead. If you're wondering about the location, then you can look at the marks in Westfall and farm them up to level 18.


I would recommend you go to the Barrens, and you will find a lot of hobbies, which are fairly easy to kill, so you can farm this area from level 16 to 20. When you're level 18 as an alliance, then you can hit a bit south in Westfall. Here you will find some Gnoll camps, and you can farm them from level 18 to 22.


Leveling 20-30

Once you hit level 20, you can head to Hillsbrad. Here you can find a lot of monsters and easily stack them together. If you struggle to re-farm prior to level 22, I will recommend you try and do this as Double Mage. Everything is easy, and you can avoid dying, and it's even possible to start AoE farming when you hit level 14 and unlock Arcane Explosion. At this point, you're at level 22 and need to spend three points on Elemental Precision to increase your chance of hitting the targets. Spend two points on Frost Warding for more armors. In the second line, you don't need to spend any points on Eye Shards and Frostbite. Never pick, no matter what level you are, because you can make the monsters be stacked at different locations instead of spending two points on improved Brass Nova for faster stacking of the monsters. Spend three points on Permafrost for the increased chill duration, which is also the slow effect. Whenever you hit a target, it will be slowed by 75%, so you should know how to spend your talent points up to level 30.


The zone - Wetlands that I used as the alliance, and I went here from level 22 to 25 or 26. If there's a lot of competition, then you can go to Redridge at level 22.


som mage-2


In Duskwood, you can find this location with a lot of different skeletons. This area you can do as the alliance from level 23 to 27. At level 26, you can get a new spell - Cone of Cold, which is an instant ability that does damage, slows the targets by 60% and slows for 11 seconds and this is more than the spell cooldown, so you can run around, kite, use Cone of Cold and kill the targets. At level 26, as the horde you can leave the Hillsbrad fields and move a bit south down, then you can find a mine where you can level from level 26 to 30.


Here's another spot for the alliance. You can go to this location at level 27 and leave at around level 31. If the first option is already taken, then you can head to the west and farm it up to level 31.


Leveling 30-40

By the time you hit level 30, you can go to a talent tree and pick Ice Block. When you use this spell, then you cannot attack or be attacked for the next 10 seconds. This is a great way to stack monsters and do a Frost Nova.


I will show you the talent tree from level 31 to 40. For the horde, I recommend you go to farm at Arathi Highlands, and you can easily pull between 10 to 15 monsters at the same time. For the alliance, you just take the dust route at this location and stay from level 28 to 33. If the alliance and hotspot are already taken, you can head to Hillsbrad Foothills and kill the Yetis from level 29 to 33.


Once you hit level 32, you can head a bit north from the Yetis, and this will get you into Alterac Mountains, then you can kill the Syndicate from level 32 to 36 and the different lions. Another great spot in Alterac Mountains (see image below), and these Oak Grasses you can dig from level 33 to 37.


som mage-3


The next location (see image below) is for alliance only, and you can come here at level 33 and leave at level 37. This spot is so popular and there will definitely be competition here, if that's the case, I recommend you go to another location - Volley Marsh (alliance and horde). Here you can start farming at level 34 till 40.


som mage-4


Leveling 40-50

You can find a lot of Murlocs on the shore or on small islands, but you can also find them in the forest right next to the shore. Level 40 will have a huge impact on your AoE farming as you can get Ice Barrier at the bottom of the first tree since this will give you an absorb shield for one minute. At the same time, you can get a mount, which will make it so much easier for you to pull the monsters. Your third challenge from level 41 to 50 will look like this.


When you're level 40 or higher, you can use Ice Barrier before pulling. As you see, the Ice Barrier can absorb a lot of damage, pretty much enough for me to stack the monsters and use my Frost Nova, then I run away and start doing my quests. At level 40, you can go to Swamp of Sorrows, where you can find a lot of Murlocs and farm them up to level 45. If this spot is a bit difficult, you can farm all the spiders right next to it, and you can find them in the forest. The second option is to go to Tanaris, and you can kill the Wastewanders at level 43. You should head to the east in Tanaris and kill the Pirates, and do this from level 43 to 50.


som mage-5


Leveling 50-60

There are also a lot of quests for this area - Tanaris, and you can pick them up at this location from level 50 to 60. At level 50, you should travel to Western Plaguelands and farm it up to level 54. At level 52, you should swap to another farm spot. You can find it right here, and once you hit level 56, you can head even more north and farm it up to a max level. Just be careful about leaders' patrolling. There are a lot of normal monsters, which will easily take you to level 60.


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