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New Update of Riders of Icarus Is Coming Next Week, What Are You Waiting For

John Ryan July 22nd, 2016 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

Recently Riders of Icarus as a new game becomes more and more popular and a lot of players pay more attention about this. With the development of the game, we will see its first new update next week! Including Parna's Coast, new mounts, and new35 level cap, new location and so on. I think most players can’t wait any longer.


Firstly feature, a level cap will be increased to 35 in the coming update of Riders of Icarus. Welcome to Mmogah when you need to buy 100% hand work ROI power leveling. We have cheap price and professional staffs for you. We guarantee your account will never be banned.

new update of icarus is coming

Parna’s Coast

As you will explore this fascinating and wonderful new high-level region, and you will discover new dangers and new mounts when entering the new snow-covered lands of Parna’s Coast. The level 34 enemies, Archer Chief Poseana, Mage Chief Usula and Chieftan Keron are all ready and waiting to fight with us now. You need to get the cheapest Riders of Icarus gold and prepare to hit back, riders! Are you ready?

new update of icarus is coming

New Mounts

In the new update some new mounts will be added, for example Karas Terror Keravt, and Venomous Casper. The following is a screenshot for you to preview.

new update of icarus is coming

The Frost Keep

Riders level 34 and above will find an icy challenge awaiting them in the new Frost Keep dungeon, the stronghold of the Frost Guard and their enigmatic leader, Rondo Terramunce, where they can also add new ghostly mounts to their collection and challenge the boss. Don’t underestimate the enemy. Wish you good luck!

new update of icarus is coming

Cavern of the Veil

When you comes to level 28 or above, you could go into the Cavern of the Veil and meet deadly bosses in the cave. You must get ready before you meet Skalion, Ankelion or High Priest Killian in order to survive! Pay attention to the Eye's powerful gaze which could silence your skills and render you helpless. As you explore, you have to keep your eye out to find and tame another rare familiar for your collection.

new update of icarus is coming

The above are all new updates for the Blight of Frost Keep. We will provide more information and tips about Riders of Icarus in the future, welcome you to visit our ROI news page. Also, we offer 24/7 online service, you can contact with our live support any time. 

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