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Guide for Riders of Icarus Wizard (UPDATED LEVEL 35)

In Riders of Icarus, your gear Stat Prioritization should be as such:

M.Crit% up to 60%>M. Crit Dmg>Int>CDR up to 30%>M.Atk>CDR above 30%>M.Crit above 60%. Seal Prioritization: Venomous Casper (if you're loaded) Blue Bloodwyrm (M.Attack M.Crit %) Gilded Benthic (M. Crit% M. Crit Dmg.) For maximum effect level your familiars to max level before you seal them. Pet Scrolls: Golden Laiku, Kerav, Rondo, Taslan the Devourer, Blue Bloodwyrm

Land Mount: Venomous Caspert, Magma Hound

Air Mount: Golden Laiku, Any Griffion, Blue Bloodwyrm


You can go higher than 60% if you wish but should not prioritize it as highly beyond 60%.The reason you have M.Crit up to 60% as a priority and not further is because when it matters you will have a priest in the group which will get you to 75% crit and the ice buff explained below will bring you up to cap (95%) during your Ice Fang spam times.

Guide for Riders of Icarus Wizard

Useful Skills that link  

(Linked skills = +10% damage, 3m range boost, faster charge time)

Ember/Frost Bomb link to Flame and Ice Barrage

Fire/Hail Storm link to Inferno/Glacial Meteor


Fire spells = M.atk at 4% per stack - total stacks up to 5

Ice spells = M.crit at 4% per stack - total stacks up to 5

Flameburst x3 = Ice Fang x5 w/ no cast time


There are also other abilities that work very well with each other as in they are supposed to be used together whenever possible. These abilities are Light Blast and Thunderstorm. When you cast Light Blast you give yourself a 5% and the 5 closest party members to you a 20% cast time reduction and you reduce your threat on the target by 30%, in addition if you cast thunderstorm immediately after Light Surge it's cast time is cut in half. Additionally Light surge gives you a cast time reduction buff of 5% per stack and can stack up to 5 times.


Skill Rotations

Try Hard Skill Rotation (LEVEL 35)

  • Max AOE Rotation: Thunderstorm>Fire Storm>Inferno Meteor>Hail Storm>Glacial Meteor>Frost Bomb>Ice Barrage>Ember Bomb>Flame Barrage>Incendiary Explosion 5x/Glacial Explosion 5x (whichever one you have)> (if in safe range) Cinder Fog>Freezing Mist> Aqua Bubble.


  • Single Target Kiting: Ember Bomb>Flame Barrage>Ice Fang (until proc is gone)>Frost Bomb>Ice Barrage>Flamburst (filler if other skills under CD)>Repeat


Try Hard Skill Rotation (LEVEL 25)

  • Max AOE Rotation: Thunderstorm>Fire Storm>Inferno Meteor>Hail Storm>Glacial Meteor>Frost Bomb>Ice Barrage>Ember Bomb>Flame Barrage> Flameburst x3>Ice Fang> (optional) Cinder Fog> Freezing Mist> Repeat


  • Single Target Kiting: Frost Bomb>Ice Barrage>Ember Bomb>Flame Barrage>Flameburst>Burning Embers>Ice fang>Repeat
  • Guide for Riders of Icarus Wizard

    Kills that go well together

    Light Blast = 5% cast time reduction to yourself + 5 closest party members 20% cast time reduction. 30% target threat level decrease. Then do Thunderstorm for faster cast.


    Dark Affliction + Gripping Curse = chance to fear + replenish 2.5% HP/Mana every 2 seconds for 120 seconds for you and party. Dark Ecstasy gives additional 1% HP/mana for 5 seconds. (Side effect: Decrease M.atk by 5% + increased cast time by 2%) - Should only be used when you need to replenish HP/mana for you and party.


    Casual Skill Rotation


    • Casual Rotation1 : Inferno Meteor>Fire Storm>FireBurst x3 (buff stack now 5)> Ember Bomb>Fire Barrage> Filler>Repeat
    • Casual Rotation 2: FireBurst x5 >Inferno Meteor>Fire Storm>Ember Bomb>Fire Barrage> Filler>Repeat
    • Dungeon Rotation: (Optional ThunderStorm >) Infernal Meteor>Glacial Meteor> (Optional Fire storm> Hail Storm) > Fire bomb>Frost bomb>Fire Barrage>Ice Barrage>FireBurst.
    • Mob Rotation: Ember Bomb>Frost Bomb>Fire Barrage>Ice Barrage>Fire Burst.


    As a Wizard you will regularly be working off of your linking abilities to maximize your damage in a dungeon run or raid. Your abilities that link are as such:


    Ember/Frost Bomb link to Flame and Ice Barrage

    Fire/Hail Storm link to Inferno/Glacial Meteor


    Also two abilities that work together but don’t "link" are these

    Ice Fang/Burning Embers


    Sealed Pets

    (Sealed pets improve gear & talent points. Most benefited from lvl 20+ elite pets)

    Taslan the Devourer =Elite

    Frost Spider = Elite

    Blue Bloodwrym = Elite

    Undead Spider = Common

    Guide for Riders of Icarus Wizard

    Companion Pets:

    • Taslan the Devourer - Passive 10% CD reduction + M.Atk and Active Mana boost + Poison Dot.
    • Blue Bloodwyrm - Passive M.Atk and Active M.crit dmg boost + Black Lightning Dmg attack.
    • Frost Spider - Passive Magic Attack increased by 5.00% + Buff 15% Mana buff for 20 seconds.



    Best Flying Mount:

    • Blue Bloodwyrm
    • Yvoke (Extension: Any Griffin)

    Best Land Mount:

    • Magma Hound
    • Baranosaurus



    Stat priority:

    M.Crit% up to 65%>M. Crit Dmg>Int>M.Atk>M.Crit above 65%

    Guide for Riders of Icarus Wizard

    Thunderstorm has a good ability to interrupt the mobs actions, which is useful when dealing with a bunch of trash mobs. Agro them up use Thunderstorm (or sometimes plan in advance and cast prior to agroing) the mobs end up piling up on the border of the AoE and ranged attacks are interrupted for the period. Making it easier to hit more mobs with AoE and increase dmg/mana cost/spells cast. May be used to help get the dmg the tank receives while tanking mob pack in a same fashion by interrupting mobs AA. 


    The above are the guide for wizard, for more news about ROI, welcome to visit Mmogah.com. Also we would like to provide ROI Gold and ROI powerleveling service. We guarantee 100% handwork, efficient, cheap and without getting banned.

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