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Easy Strategy for Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5

Leo Jiang September 16th, 2016 Riders of Icarus    Riders of Icarus Gold   

After running for a few Elite 5 and Heroic finally we have found the method how to easily beat the Cavern of veil with ease in Riders of Icarus. I would like to share this easy strategy with other players for your reference and discussion.


Teamspeak, skype, or discord is greatly recommenced

In party we require only 4 people: wizard, they are very good guardian, reliable priest, and an assassin or another wizard. Everything pre-boss is face-roll. Guardian grabs agro, wizard blows everything up, and priest does whatever he does.

Easy Strategy for Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5Boss time: Anklion stage 1 Anklion will draw agro the moment you come up on either ramps. For some reason Priest will always have aggro to start with and haven't figured out why. Guardian goes in and draws agro, drag him toward the back and toward the left or the right. Don’t go up the ramp, or Anklion will reset. After Guardian has aggro, feel free to drop bombs on him. Keep him facing away from your priest and wizard, as dodging his triple shot is a pain for wizard and priest while they cast. Use block skill for sleet barrage! Important for guardian do not walk circle around anklion! Guardian has to strafe left and right to dodge Anklion's attacks.


Wizards: Hit Anklion hard, but not too hard or you will draw aggro due to your enormous amount of damage. Do not use both your Meteors, use them sparingly so that you’ll always have a big aoe (area of effect) for when Anklion spawns Adds (additional mobs), your guardian can soak lots of damage especially with priest healing, but the adds can kill your guardian easily. Dispose of them with haste. Killing Adds should be your main priority. Guardian needs to use aoe chain on adds to get them into wizard's aoe spell. Every so often, Anklion will target wizard, use chain or aoe chain to recover aggro.

Easy Strategy for Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5Phase 2- Eye will open up. Have an assassin or a second wizard to keep aggro on eye. Very easy, just walk left and right. Don’t stop moving, you'll figure out the pattern really quickly. Wizards, cast ember or frost bomb and chain up with barrage after he fires laser, because your movement speed is decreased while channeling spell; you don’t want to get hit by the beam. After barrages, use filler attacks. Do not cast stand still spells. Assassins- Don’t use spells, auto attack while strafing, you'll learn the pattern. Leave range when eye casts moenacing / aoe. -Keep the eye facing away from the direction of Anklion, your guardian, wizard and priest.


There is a way to cheese the second phase as well. You have to get the NPC killed first as she will run in and aggro otherwise. Assuming the NPC is dead, you can stand at max range (priests/wizards) and DPS down the eye without aggoing Anklion. Since the Eye drops the majority of the loot and you get completion credit for the dungeon when it dies, you can simply leave after killing the eye if you wish.


Note: I do not recommend killing eye before Anklion, for there will be a cut scene and Anklion might reset. Haven't happened to me, but it very nerve wrecking. "Communicate with your team".

Easy Strategy for Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5Anklion Phase 2- Same thing as phase 1. When he casts final, everyone RUN! After he finishes with his cast, guardian goes back in to recover aggro. That’s it! Pretty simple once your party members get the hang of it.


When positioning Anklion for Phase 2 (the eye is up), we try to ensure it is far enough in one direction such that the wizard kiting the eye doesn't have to worry about Final Destination. Guardians can block Final Destination. No need to run out.


After a reset on phase 2, with both eye and Anklion up, have guardian go in to draw BOTH of their agro! For they will automatically target priest. After dragging Anklion to the back, assassin or second wizard can draw aggro from eye and take care of him. If anyone dies, priest can revive member. If guardian dies, I recommend a reset. Have everyone run to the back where the huge ramp is. Wizard can clear out all the fish mobs easily. Let Anklion reset, wizard or assassin go to draw eye aggro while priest revives dead members.

Easy Strategy for Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5I solo E5 / H2 with my wizard, it’s pretty easy (maybe even H3 could work) just pull her to mid, and run around in circle, kiting adds. Always have up mana shield, or her dumb sleet barrage one shots you. When she does it, pop mana pot, up shield again. Beware of incoming small adds, and still only run in circles around her, 3x fire shot 7x ice shot, takes few minutes, about 15 mana pots, until she spawns eye.


Then, until animation ends, you die (that’s pretty dumb). Res up, approach slowly, don’t aggro Anklion, pull few adds, kill them, rinse repeat, there’s about 15 in heroic, they are deadly beware. That’s most annoying part. Then kill eye, without aggroing Anklion. Finished. I don’t kill her, because at 25 perc she does insane attacks and with all adds around its not much chance to survive.


Eyes drops a lot of loot, she drops nothing much. It was dropping a lot of blessed gear, but now after patch it does not. Weird. Soloing H2 takes about hour, E5 is pretty fast, and now seems more rewarding, if you are not up for gearing. Not really need any gear, only dps, but you could do it even in super low gear, it would just take ages. One small lag, one pause while you run around, and you’re dead, so be careful.


The above is the Cavern of Veil Heroic 1-5 strategy, hope it can help you in this game, also I want to share some useful links: Familiar Issues, How to get gold fast, and Max Level. When you have requirement of ROI Gold and ROI Powerleveling, I recommend you to visit Mmogah, they have 7/24 online service.

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