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  • What does “Gythil” really mean in Revelation Online?
    By Delia Woolf2017-03-15 00:00:00




    Last week had contributed an article about how to make trade in Revelation Online. Since this article was released, we have got some feedback from our readers and new-players of Revelation Online. It make us realized that we had missed an important issue which should be clarified at the very beginning.



    If you search "Revelation Online Gold" in Google at the present time, you will find many different versions of it, such as, Revelation Online Gythil, Revelation Online Coins/Gold and Imperial Coins/Gold, are all these versions mean "Revelation Online Gold"? Are they really the same meaning?


    Today, will help you and the confused newbies to figure out this important question: what is the similarity and difference among all these different versions of "Revelation Online Gold".




    Four types of currencies in Revelation Online


    Revelation Online mainly offers four types of in-game currencies. They are Imperial Coins, Imperial Notes, Aurum, Bronze Shards, each of them has its own features. From the above picture, you can see easily the difference among Imperial Coins, Imperial Notes, Aurum, and Bronze Shards.


    Imperial Coins:

    Common currency in the game. It can be used when trading with other players. Players can buy it with real money form the game market.

    Imperial Notes:

    Common currency in the game, can only be used when trading with NPCs.


    Used in shops to consume or give items. Can be obtained through charging money in the bottom left-hand comer of the shop or at Aurum Auctions.

    Bronze Shards:

    Commerce Honor Certificates can be exchanged there for all kinds rare items.


    What does “Gythil” really mean?


    Among these four kinds of currencies, the only one you can buy with real money in the game market is “Imperial Coins”. Revelation Online Coins, Revelation Online Gold, Revelation Coins, Revelation Gold and Imperial Gold are all the same meaning, Imperial Coins, because you can tell the relationship easily from the similar words and meanings. Well, “Gythil” seems to be unusual. It appears with high frequency in many website of Revelation Gold Sellers, yet it seems have no any relations with the four currencies in the game of Revelation Online, neither in word spelling nor meanings. Does “Gythil” also mean Imperial Coins? Where does it come from?





    If you search “Revelation Online Gythil” on the internet, you can get a concept of it in Wiki. It seems that “Gythil” is the same thing like “Imperial Coins”. And many gold sellers of Revelation Online take “Gythil” as “Imperial Coins”, too. Is that correct in this understanding?


    What does “Gythil” come from?

 , the official website of Revelation Online, used “Gythil” in an article for introducing trading system in Revelation Online.




    From this article in the official website, “Gythil” is taken as “Imperial Coins”, too.




    However, from this screenshot of the game we can see that I gave 250 “Imperial Coins” as a cost for one “Gythil” in the game. It clearly indicate that “Gythil” and “Imperial Coins” are two different things, and that “Gythil” and “Aurum” are seemed the same thing instead. What a chaos it is! 




    Furthermore, we can also see that all the items' prices are labeled with “Imperial Coins” instead of “Gythil” in Auction.


    Finally, we came to the conclusion prudently that “Gythil” is a chaotic conception, even for the official website, NetEase and Revelation Online Coins, Revelation Online Gold, Revelation Coins, Revelation Gold and Imperial Gold are all the same meaning of “Imperial Coins”, except “Gythil”. I consumingly recommend the NetEase and to cancel "Gythil" from the game and website to terminate the confusion in Revelation Online.



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