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Buying Revelation Online Coins Guide at MmoGah

Secure Delivery Method

1. Face-to-Face:  We will whisper you in game and meet at a place to make a trade. Please give us an item first for the trade. There is no fee for this trade method.

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Speedy Delivery:
MmoGah has been providing our customers with professional and outstanding services for more than 10 years in the gaming market, and has gained good reputation among players. Our traders are real elite players, who can trade Revelation Online Coins fast and smoothly in game with you. We will try our best to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

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We adjust Revelation Online Gold prices in time according to the market. We always obey customer-first and set reasonable prices. We offer up to 5% discount for large Revelation Gold orders and you can use Top Coupons at the same time to save money.

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We have been improving our Revelation Online Coins service by being honest and friendly, if you check MmoGah Reviews rated by real gamers, you will find that MmoGah.com is a trustworthy website without spams. MmoGah is rated 9.8 out of 10.0 on Trustpilot.

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Refund Guarantee:
If sometimes we do not have enough Revelation Coins stock for your servers and you wouldn’t like to wait, we will deal with your Refund immediately. Any Refund before delivery is granted here. You do not need to worry about it at all.

Revelation Online Gold

Server Name Price Lv.1 Discount Lv.2 Discount Purchase
NA-Darkfall $0.49 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
NA-Divine Overlook $1.08 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
NA-Snowpine $0.69 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Moonsea $0.79 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Tidewater $0.81 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now

Revelation Online News

  • revelation-online-server-merge

    2017-06-15Revelation Online: Server Merge

    The last few months have been exciting for Revelation Online and its community. My.com have added new features and continue to polish the game, they’re constantly looking to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience for the community. Recent upgrades to the servers and upcoming localizations of the game make population merges are necessary and a very positive event for the community. Merges have taken place on June 14th already!
  • awesome-prizes-and-glorious-rewards-are-coming-to-revelation-online

    2017-06-08Awesome Prizes and Glorious Rewards Are Coming to Revelation Online

    The last few months have been exciting for Revelation Online and its community with all of the new releases of the Stardust and Iceborn expansions and updates. Did you miss out on the server first the first time round? Are you new to the game and are wanting to get your hands on the server first prizes? Well, now you have a chance to!
  • faq-of-revelation-online

    2017-06-01FAQ of Revelation Online

    Revelation Online’second major update, “Iceborn” is now live! It’s a breathtaking Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game set in the lively, fantasy world of Nuanor. Discover an amazing adventure and explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery using the power of character flight without any boundaries.
  • revelation-online-s-new-update-of-iceborn-now-live

    2017-05-30Revelation Online's New Update of Iceborn Now Live

    Fight alongside your friends and guildmates in our second major update, “Iceborn” of Revelation Online is now live! Heroes old and new are ready themselves for the battles that are about to start. Will you take up arms and join up with the majestic Wingar or side with the ferocious Ursids - The time to choose is here, as Iceborn is now live!
  • revelation-online-s-new-update-of-iceborn-is-coming-on-may-23rd

    2017-05-23Revelation Online's New Update of Iceborn Is Coming on May 23rd

    A bitter faction war is one of many challenges heading your way in the upcoming Iceborn update of Revelation Online. Prepare yourself for war, hero. All manner of battles and challenges will be heading your way in the upcoming "Iceborn" update on May 23rd – one of which requires you to partake in a region-wide faction war, putting aside your differences and choosing one of two sides to fight for.
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