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Buying Revelation Online Coins Guide at MmoGah

Secure Delivery Method

1. Face-to-Face:  We will whisper you in game and meet at a place to make a trade. Please give us an item first for the trade. There is no fee for this trade method.

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Speedy Delivery:
MmoGah has been providing our customers with professional and outstanding services for more than 10 years in the gaming market, and has gained good reputation among players. Our traders are real elite players, who can trade Revelation Online Coins fast and smoothly in game with you. We will try our best to complete your orders as quickly as possible.

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Competitive Prices:
We adjust Revelation Online Gold prices in time according to the market. We always obey customer-first and set reasonable prices. We offer up to 5% discount for large Revelation Gold orders and you can use Top Coupons at the same time to save money.

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Good Reputation:
We have been improving our Revelation Online Coins service by being honest and friendly, if you check MmoGah Reviews rated by real gamers, you will find that MmoGah.com is a trustworthy website without spams. MmoGah is rated 9.8 out of 10.0 on Trustpilot.

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Refund Guarantee:
If sometimes we do not have enough Revelation Coins stock for your servers and you wouldn’t like to wait, we will deal with your Refund immediately. Any Refund before delivery is granted here. You do not need to worry about it at all.

Revelation Online Gold

Server Name Price 8000K-30000K 30000K+ Purchase
NA-Darkfall $0.49 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
NA-Muroc $0.69 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
NA-Snowpine $0.69 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
NA-Tusenwood $0.65 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Corral $0.61 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Eventide $0.65 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Moonsea $0.63 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now
EU-Tidewater $0.61 / 100K Coins 2% off 5% off Buy Now

Revelation Online News

  • revelation-online-s-new-update-of-iceborn-is-coming-on-may-23rd

    2017-05-23Revelation Online's New Update of Iceborn Is Coming on May 23rd

    A bitter faction war is one of many challenges heading your way in the upcoming Iceborn update of Revelation Online. Prepare yourself for war, hero. All manner of battles and challenges will be heading your way in the upcoming "Iceborn" update on May 23rd – one of which requires you to partake in a region-wide faction war, putting aside your differences and choosing one of two sides to fight for.
  • revelation-online-will-bring-french-german-versions-by-q3-2017

    2017-05-18Revelation Online will Bring French & German Versions by Q3 2017

    We’re happy to be informed that, while the endeavor has taken longer than expected, work has been continuing full force on the French & German localization – so much so that NetEase and My.com are announcing that they aim to have Revelation Online launched in both these languages by Third Quarter 2017! As the progress continues the Revelation Online team will update everyone with more precise dates and information.
  • how-to-buy-cheap-revelation-online-gold-without-being-scammed

    2017-05-11How to Buy Cheap Revelation Online Gold without being Scammed

    Revelation Online is technically a free game. There are many Revelation Gold Suppliers available for Revelation Online players. It’s wise to choose a reliable and safe website to buy Revelation Gold for the security sake.
  • revelation-online-guide-obtaining-badges-runes

    2017-05-02Revelation Online Guide: Obtaining Badges & Runes

    Welcome to part one of our guide regarding the Badge & Rune system of Revelation Online. Here we’ll be providing some insight into their overall purpose and how to obtain them. Badges provide the player with amazing stat increases – you can find the badge slot located next to talisman slot in the character window.
  • revelation-online-guide-affairs-of-the-heart-milestones-divorce

    2017-04-27Revelation Online Guide: Affairs of the Heart - Milestones & Divorce

    Welcome to our guide regarding Intimacy Milestones and Divorce within Revelations Online! Before explaining the methods of making a clean-break from your partner, let’s first explore more in-game marriage positives!
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