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Revelation Online: Uprising Update Coming in September

Brace yourself for the Uprising update, coming in September for Revelation Online! You’ve battled for resources on Starshatter Island; put the bitter rivalry between the Ursids and the Wingars to an end, and made yourselves a new home. Now it’s time for new challenges!


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Battle to Level 79


Go on with your trip on the way to greatness and ascend to level 79. More and more areas and events become available as you level up:


   •New Dungeon - Altar of Swords (level 70-75)

   •Azure Dragon Guild Tournament for level 70-79 players

   •Level 70+ Soul Crystals allowing you enough points to unlock all Soul Grid buffs


New Dungeon: Altar of Swords


Being the main battlefield during the war of the five Wardens, the Altar of Swords seethes with an almost palpable aura of hatred, making it stifling to ordinary mortals. According to the legend, the soul of Monethir - organizer of the Blademaster School - still roams the Altar of Swords, waiting to pass on his sword skills to those who prove themselves worthy.


Do you have what it takes to reach the core of the Altar of Swords, challenge Monethir and reap untold rewards? Only you can find out!



Assassin confirmed


For those who prefer to remain in the shadows, we have some good news! The Assassin class is expected to make its way to Nuanor in November. Get ready to experience Revelation Online like never before!



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