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Revelation Online: Server Merge

Delia Woolf June 15th, 2017 Revelation Online    Revelation Online Coins   

The last few months have been exciting for Revelation Online and its community. My.com have added new features and continue to polish the game, they’re constantly looking to ensure a high-quality gameplay experience for the community. Recent upgrades to the servers and upcoming localizations of the game make population merges are necessary and a very positive event for the community. Merges have taken place on June 14th already!



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Increased server capacity

My.com have made huge improvements into the server infrastructure to ensure stability and capacity. The servers can now efficiently host many more players than they originally could. A large and well-populated server has the highest benefits for the community: It allows for more opportunities for old and new players to have more competitors in PvP content be that in Battlegrounds, Clan Wars, Guild Tournaments and even open-world PvP. Players who enjoy PvE content such as raids and dungeons will be able to find groups much more easily for larger and harder content such as the 20-man instances.



Preparation for localized servers

With the upcoming localization into French and German they are wanting to make sure the current EN servers are well populated before the FR and DE servers are added to the roster. For the launch of new language servers, it is common that a lot of new players will want to join the new French and German servers and that some current players will want to start fresh new characters in the server of their preferred language.

Once players who have previously been playing on the EN servers migrate to the FR and DE servers the population will go down, this is something they strive to avoid and allow our community to get the best experience by keeping the population high.

If they did not merge the servers and launched the FR and DE servers players would find that the players may struggle to find groups for content quickly - this is something they are avoiding by choosing to merge and keeping the population high.



With this in mind, My.com aim to bring server populations together. These servers will be merged into the following:


   EU: Corral will be merged into Moonsea.

   EU: Eventide will be merged into Tidewater.

   NA: Muroc will be merged into Darkfall.

   NA: Tusenwood will be merged into Snowpine.


In addition to the merge, they will be releasing a new server in the NA region for new players named Divine Overlook. This server will allow new and old players alike to start a fresh new journey into Nuanor by having a clean slate when it comes to economy, seal-breaks to tackle, along with everything else Revelation Online has to offer. They are currently not planning to create a new EU server due to the preparation of the upcoming FR and DE servers. This will be looking into once these servers have been released.



FAQ for details on the server merge


Why was the decision to merge the servers made?

Opening new and merging old servers is a common practice in MMO games when a server’s population isn’t high enough to complete server-wide activities. It creates an additional incentive for the players, because they find themselves in a fresh game environment, where they can meet new friends and worthy opponents. We will continue to monitor the servers’ population and regularly merge them, as well as open new ones, keeping the players entertained.


What is a server merge?

Server merge is a process of transferring all the characters from one server to another. During the merge the characters from server servername1 will be transferred to server servername2.


What steps should the players take in preparation for the merge?

There aren’t any. All servers will go down for maintenance, after which servers Corral, Eventide, Muroc and Tusenwood will be removed from the list of available servers, and all the characters from those servers will be transferred to their respective servers which were previously mentioned within this article.


What will happen to Moonsea, Tidewater, Darkfall and Snowpine?

They will experience an influx of players. This may affect players’ rating, and also characters’ names, in cases where they will coincide with characters’ names from their previous servers.


Will I keep all my characters from their original server?

You will get to keep all of your characters and they will be moved over with transfer which takes place during the server merge. This will include your character's level, experience, all other attributes, as well as all of their items and funds within their inventory.


Will I keep the items I have on the auction during the merge and the items and money I have in my mail?

Yes. All the mail will be transferred over, and all of the items that are currently on auction at the time of the merge will automatically be moved over to the auction on the merged server.


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Will my Friends, Enemies, Journeyman Alliances, significant others be transferred?

Yes, all of the information from within the friends system will be transferred.


Will my guild, its progress and its membership be transferred?

Yes. All of the information within the guild system will be transferred.


Will rankings and guild rankings be reset?

Yes. Rankings and guild rankings will be reset.


Will guild alliances be transferred?

Yes. Guild alliances will be transferred.


Will conquered Territories for the week be transferred?

No. After the merge and until the next clan war battle all the territories will belong to no one.


Will Guild Tournament be reset?

Yes. The Guild Tournament will be reset.


What will happen to the Chronicle after the merge?

After the merge the server will use the main server’s Chronicle and all of the characters transferred to the server will be able to play in accordance to that server’s progress as well. Progress will stack between servers. If Moonsea for example had 50 people on the Cultivation Seal, and Corral had 20, this will give a total of 70 on Moonsea once the merge takes place.


Will I keep my achievements?

Yes, all of your achievements will be saved.


What will happen in cases where the character’s name coincide?

In cases where two character names from different servers have the same name, the character of higher level and experience will keep their name and the other character will be prompted to choose a new name upon first log-in. In cases where characters are of the same level, the character with more accumulated experience will get to keep their name, and if character have the same experience accumulated the person from the server which is being merged into the main server will be required to change their name.

Example: Person 1 from Moonsea has ‘Mute’ chosen as a name, Person 2 from Corral has the same name, with the same level and experience accumulated. The person from Corral will be requested to change their name as their server is being merged into Moonsea.


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