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Awesome Prizes and Glorious Rewards Are Coming to Revelation Online



The last few months have been exciting for Revelation Online and its community with all of the new releases of the Stardust and Iceborn expansions and updates.


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Did you miss out on the server first the first time round? Are you new to the game and are wanting to get your hands on the server first prizes? Well, now you have a chance to!



My.com is resetting ALL server firsts on both instanced dungeons and scours to allow players to take up the challenge once more on June 14th. They will be reopening the European servers (Moonsea and Tidewater) at 20:00PM CEST and opening the North American servers (Darkfall and Snowpine) at 19:00PM PST. This will allow you all to prepare yourselves to take upon the challenge and be rewarded!


They are looking forward to hearing the community feedback on this event. They are looking into making this a recurring, yet rare, event where server firsts are reset.



Below you will find a list of instances and scour dungeons which have been reset and the rewards which you can receive at each specific one:




Race against other adventurers to take down these dungeons foes to obtain tremendous loot. The party leader of each of the groups which manage to get in the TOP 5 will be immortalized as NPCs outside of the dungeon entrances!



All above scour dungeons also drop 1x Feather Wings - Miracle, giving players 7 chances to obtain this pair of wings! These drop as a singular item and the group members you go with to tackles these dungeons will need to bid against each other to obtain them.



Break the seal, break the mold and make a name for yourself by taking part in the Seal breaking for Scour Dungeons! All members within the first group which completes the Seal break will also be immortalized as NPCs standing outside the following seal within the dungeon!


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We will also be having an event from the June 7th up until June 21st (excluding the 13th & 14th). Players who login on specific days throughout this event will gain glorious rewards.



The more days you login and play, the bigger and better rewards you will get!



That’s not all! If you login on 6 out of the 12 days you receive a Beta Return Gift and if you login on 12 out of the 12 days you will receive Celebrational Class Weapon Skins!


Beta Return Gift


The Beta Return Gift box is a series of boxes which are stacked within one another. Once you open the first box you will find another box which is 10 levels above the previous inside. You will start off with receiving the Beta Return Gift - Level 9. Below you will find the contents from the entire stack of boxes within the ‘Beta Return Gift’ series.



Celebrational Class Weapon Skins



Don't miss out on your chance to get these tremendous items, so be sure you login regularly, and enjoy your epic journey through Nuanor!



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