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Why It Is Significant for Players to Interact in Path of Exile

Path of Exile has experienced a whole set of changes from gameplay to content and description over the years. But the alteration that players have been waiting for is on the trading system, which has been relatively the same for years. It fulfills its function indeed, but it's not seamless and smooth, that is why a revise has been in demand for a long time. It is a major part of getting the best Path of Exile items, so trading should be made even better for players who are expecting to take themselves further in the game.


Grinding Gear Games has made some changes recently, and have had some mixed reactions. Although much of it is welcome, there are a few things that puzzle some players. One of them is the obsessive focus on player interaction in trading, which some players think it is not necessary. Quite a few players don't think the interaction in performing transactions with others is needed in the game.

At first, it seems that there is no need for negotiations and questions with trading in PoE in most of the time, but Grinding Gear Games insists on the need for player interaction. Many players think they should buy poe items they like, that's not what happens in a lot of places in the game. There are players who like to think they can do away with player interaction altogether to cut the fat, it's impossible.


Whether it’s true that only 1/4 of trades happen in the game are done with a real human being or not, the fact is still happening. Besides, the truth for wholly automated trading being a bad thing in the long run as it can hurt the market, which could make damage to the economy. Although you can say that economies can fix themselves somehow to adjust to the current situation, how that happens can be rather daunting as well.


Meanwhile, people bargain in the hardcore leagues. That's because players are particular with trades there as the best PoE items are more valuable in hardcore play. Therefore, there's no way to fully eliminate the player interaction, and Grinding Gear Games knows that. In addition, that’s what's needed to remove automation from PoE trading.

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