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When Is Path of Exile 2 Coming out? Trailer with Beta Predictions

If you have been playing Path of Exile, you will most likely be eagerly waiting for the release of Path of Exile 2. There is still no update from the Grinding Gear Games, so it is almost hard to guess when we could expect Path of Exile 2. But here are some inside details that we gather from the different sources you can expect from Path of Exile 2. Please go through the article to uncover the mystery of Path of Exile 2 and earn big with our super currency deals.


poe 2 Trailer with Beta Predictions pic


When Is Path of Exile 2 Going to Be Released? Rumors & Predictions

In early 2019 GGG made an official announcement about the upcoming new game, Path of Exile 2. GGG confirmed that they would launch the next part of Path of Exile, named Path of Exile 2. But still, it's a rumor about when GGG will launch the game. Grinding Gear Games didn't disclose the release date of Path of Exile. They only confirmed the upcoming part of Path of Exile during ExileCon. According to the intel we collected from a different source, Path of Exile 2 is mostly like to be in the beta phase.


Have Grinding Gear Games Stopped Working on Path of Exile 2?

No, they are still working on Path of Exile 2! However, GGG is having a bad time and still making efforts for the betterment of Path of Exile 1. Path of Exile 2 is almost delayed because, in 2019, GGG announced the idea about Path of Exile 2, on which they are working. Every game franchise has some hurdles in making a new game; the same is with the GGG.


The recently released exclusive content of Path of Exile has made players and the community a little unhappy. Nothing is perfect, and the released content of Path of Exile has some bugs and errors that need to be fixed, especially the latest change to premium currency. And for fixing these errors, the dev shows more productivity towards Path of Exile 1.


Path of Exile 2 was meant to be released in 2022, but unfortunate events like COVID-19 have been pretty much delayed. As Path of Exile 2 is undergoing process and will take time to be completed, you can expect Path of Exile 2 in 2024; according to "Chris Wilson."



How Is Path of Exile 2 Going to Be?

If you already saw the initial trailer of Path of Exile 2, the character is chasing a caravan from an opposing tribe. You are running towards a set of large ancient gates blocking the path. You will be sent through the traitor's passage to unlock these gates.


Path of Exile 2 will be much more than just a new act. The combat in Path of Exile 2 will be more brutal and responsive, even at low levels. Every weapon is going to be unique and will belong to a new different type with new mechanics. Each class weapon will give you a different experience.


Weapons and Their Mechanics

The new spear weapon class added to Path of Exile 2 will favor mobility with melees and ranged attacks. Spear comes with both abilities to engage and disengage. Engaging with your spear will increase your melee hit damage for a short duration, encouraging you to be mobile during combat.


Skill Gems in Path of Exile 2

Path of Exile 2 players will have more new skills and gems they can use for character build and make improvements in character. During the fight, they can also utilize their powers and skills to enhance their character. Players will have much more options to utilize and stock the gems in Path of Exile 2. Moreover, in Path of Exile 2, players will have more deep customization of the character.  


● One of the new skills going to be introduced in Path of Exile 2 is "Whirling Slash." Using the whirling slash will create a sandstorm that will automatically grow in size each time you utilize the skill, and even to get out of the sandstorm, it will explode and damage the nearby monsters.


● The incredible skill you can use during the combat in Path of Exile 2 is "Spearfield," which pulls spears from the ground in an area, damaging and impaling all monsters unlucky enough to walk into them, causing them to bleed.


The Hold of Bosses in Mini Area in Path of Exile 2

In Path of Exile 2, each area's mini-boss is a substantial fight with exciting mechanics. You will be able to fight at least one mini-boss in each area of the game. You can use the rapid assault skill against the mini-boss to win the fights.


Improved Animation System and Cut Scenes

If you played Path of Exile 1, consider this a fortune because, in Path of Exile 2, they will add many more animation systems, enhancing your experience and being fun to play. Not just animation, they will also add subtle detail like characters having different run animation depending on how fast they move.


Character and Environment in Path of Exile 2

It is confirmed that players will have new Playable characters in Path of Exile 2 and the environment to enjoy the game. In Path of Exile, the environment and surroundings will be based on physics and have natural action and reaction.


For example, if you hit a breakable stone hard enough, it will break into different size pieces.   


Ascendancy classes In PoE 2

19 ascendancies are being added to Path of Exile 2 classes. These ascendancies are limited to PoE 2 unless you unlock them, but once unlocked, you can access them in Path of Exile 1.


In Path of Exile, players will have 19 additional ascendancy classes, and every class in Path of Exile will share a new storyline. How every the difference is that you will unlock these classes in the campaign but with different requirements.


A New Look in Path of Exile 2

Customizing your playable character is the most enjoyable moment for the gamer. And you are going to have more fun in Path of Exile 2. Rumors are that you will get many armors and weapons in Path of Exile. GGG will add more new things to the Path of Exile 2 inventory.




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