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What Things You Should Know about Capturing Beasts in Path of Exile’s Bestiary League

By Leo Jiang2018-03-07

Path of Exile has announced a new update to their Online Action RPG. Path of Exile Bestiary will encourage players to hunt and capture nearly 300 animals in the game's World of Wreaclast and then sacrifice them to create and augment new powerful PoE Items. This should be a successful expansion which may attract more than 3.5 million players, and PoE was named one of the top games of 2017 by Game Informer. Players will engage with Einhar Frey-a hunter scavenger who teaches you how to capture and sacrifice monsters to create PoE Currency.

Capture Dangerous Beasts

You can capture any beast you find in the World of Wraeclast when you receive your training. As you become more skilled at hunting, you’ll be able to capture legendary creatures. You should track Wraeclast's most dangerous animals, weaken them, and capture them to make them of your own. There are about 250 regular beasts and 40 legendary beasts to capture.


Complete your Bestiary

Every creature you’ve caught will be recorded in Bestiary, and a detailed book contains information about the beasts. As you capture beasts from Wraeclast, they are marked in your Bestiary. This is a permanent record of your progress in this league.


Populate your Menagerie

You should visit and observe the beasts you've captured whenever you want, then use them to fuel your beast crafting. You will receive your own menagerie where you can populate the beasts you’ve captured. It looks like your personal zoo with some crazy creatures that want to hurt you. You can keep them on display to show off, or you can get them ready for the fun part.



Players can perform the ritual of Sacrifice by combat at the Blood Altar to create and augment potent items. There are dozens of powerful recipes which require sacrificing different combinations of beasts that you have collected. Here, players can be allowed to sacrifice their captured beasts to the Blood Altar to create powerful new items. Beastcrafting recipes will require various monsters, so you’ll have to get out and hunt if you want to craft the best stuff. Then you’ll be able to craft gems, flasks, and more.


New End-Game Foes

Capturing and crafting with the right set of beasts may make you enter into difficult spirit boss, and meanwhile you can also get powerful PoE exalted orb and other items rewards.


Bestiary Sets

The Bestiary League involves four new sets of items based on the powerful spirit beasts. You should mix and match them with other items, and you may discover potent new builds. Once you’re ready, you can craft a Spirit Land portal to hunt one of the four Spirit Beasts. These guys are tough, so make sure you’re prepared. If you can beat them, you have the chance to get some rather unique items. Now let’s see some questions that players may encounter in PoE Bestiary.

How do nets work? Are they items?

Nets are stackable items that can be used for one monster capture. In the early stage, you're given some from Einhar, and you can either buy from him or find them in the world. There are ten tiers of nets, which are introduced in a staggered way between the start of the game and the highest-tier maps.


What kind of Beasts can you encounter?

Legendary Beasts are the exotic variants of other beasts you may meet. These happen periodically and are substantially rare and tough. They're worth attempting to capture because most of the best robust crafting recipes require one or more of them.


There are four Spirit Beasts, and they're available in the end-game by crafting a portal to access them. They drop unique items and can be captured to craft properties that synergize with those unique ones.


Can beasts be traded?

Yes. Once captured, they can be transferred into an item that can be traded with other players using existing safe trading methods.


Are your Beasts League wide or specific for each character?

They're league-wide. Like your Masters and the Atlas, you can share them among all your characters in the league.


How many Beasts can the Menagerie hold? What happens if a cage gets full?

The Menagerie is big enough, which spreads over several game zones. There's a different cage per type of beast, and they can hold a limited number. PoE is still balancing the number of each type of beast you can store.

Will I have to farm many white monsters for high-level recipes?

PoE intends that the most laborious recipes need hard beasts to find and capture, rather than busywork of finding easy monsters that will die soon.


What will happen to my beasts when the league ends?

They will be merged into the appropriate Standard League, and they should be available in the future if PoE continues to have Bestiary content in some form. The decision of whether PoE rolls it into core game content after this league will be made in the future.


Will there be a challenge to catch all of the beasts?

Yes. One of the 40 challenges should be finished in your Bestiary.


How difficult are the best crafting fights?

It is the challenge for you once you start to craft the higher outcomes. Fighting lots of rare beasts at once, especially the ones with Bestiary mods can be rather scary.


What happens if a capture fails?

The net you used is lost, and the monster is furious meanwhile. You can attempt to capture a single beast as many times as you want, though it's probably dangerous to infuriate the monsters.


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