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What PoE Items Are Worth Keeping to Sell

It is a fact that all Exiles need the best Path of Exile Items. You should have a keen eye for shopping PoE Items since it is the next most important skill that you develop and master. There’s nothing more disappointing other than to buy an poe item, it’s only to find out that the modifiers are mediocre and you could have purchased the same item with higher stats for the same price, or selling an item at a very low price when you could have fetched more PoE Currency items.


You can read this article and it will help you discern what gives you the best bang for your buck and what to keep for vending in case you picked up something that’s not useful for your character build:

There are 2 or 3 of the modifiers listed below:

• Armor

4 – 6 Links

60+ Max Life / 40+ Mana

+1000 to Armor

+60% to Armor / Evasion / Energy Shield

Any or Multiple Element Resistance higher than 35% (20% for two, 10% for three)

+20-30 to 1-3 Attributes

+8% Attack Speed (Gloves)

+20% Movement Speed (Boots)

+15% IIR or IIQ

Life or Mana Leech


• Weapon

4 – 6 Links

Similar boosts to Life / Mana / Attributes / Resists as listed above

+15% Attack Speed

+75% Physical Damage

+50% Spell Critical Chance

+25% Spell Damage

Life or Mana Leech

• Others

Flasks with Quality, gather til you reach +40% Quality for vending to NPC, gets you a Bauble

Tri-colored Sockets for vending to NPC, gets you a Chromatic Orb and an exalted orb

6 Socket items for vending to NPC, gets you 7 Jeweler’s Orbs

Rares (identified) for Alter Shards


So go ahead and check your stash to see what hidden treasures you have picked up a long time ago or go back and check the items that you’ve been dying to get for some time. You might have just found the boost in your financial capabilities or saved yourself a big amount of Currency items. Hope this article is useful for you, if you have interested in more poe news, please visit MmoGah.


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