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What Makes PoE Different from MMORPG

The genre of (MMORPG) massively multiplayer online role playing game, has been a mainstay in gaming for some time since its surge in mainstream popularity back in the early and mid-2000s. Although the days of every game being developed are copies of model that have past now mostly, just like every online RPG that comes out these days, including Path of Exile, are being called MMORPGs. However, the genre name doesn’t fit for this game very well. Actually, some dedicated PoE players even say that they detest having the game labeled as an MMORPG.


The developers of Path of Exile state that the game is not an MMORPG for Grinding Gear Games, but an online action RPG. It has similarities with World of Warcraft and its numerous so-called clones and derivatives in that game is played online on persistent servers where thousands of players can play together in. Players can farm PoE Currency together too. However, as you know what constitutes a traditional MMORPG are absent in Path of Exile.

Perhaps the dominance of Blizzard Entertainment's WoW is to blame for this unfortunate designation mostly, but compared to most people's stereotypical perception of it, it just goes to show how online gaming has changed. At least, we can understand that all MMOs are online games, but not all online games are MMOs. However, the differences between MMORPGs and Path of Exile are not limited there. Path of Exile has its unique items, such as exalted orb and chaos orb, etc.


At the time of Grinding Gear Games first started with their plans to create an online role-playing game, they have already known that the MMORPG market is saturated and there is only room for a few MMORPGs to control it, not to say that making one is a Herculean task that requires the most amount of time, energy, money, and manpower in the whole of game development. PoE Items, skills, and a lot of other features are created amazingly. Thus, Path of Exile comes to be from that decision.


The prodigious use of instances are the most important difference between Path of Exile and MMORPGs. When you move on to a PvE area, you will enter an instance. In that area, it means that you are either alone or with your party in that particular instance of the map and no one else is with you. This means you don’t have to complain about having your kills and Path of Exile Items dropped by monsters stolen or by other players. The additional benefit of this is that everyone can play in the same server, so there are more chances for friends to play with each other in PoE, whereas they may be in different servers when playing some other MMORPG.

Towns also run on instances, since those people can be split into different instances, so the game will not slow down to a crawl whenever there are plenty of people in the game. If two players from different instances want to meet, once they start communicating and join the same party, they can do so without doing anything as they'll be able to see each other in town. This means that whenever the server population is low on a particular day relatively, there are players in town, but just fewer instances running concurrently. This means that you won't ever see a ghost town like MMORPGs when there aren't a lot of players at the moment.


Also, there are many other differences like how combat and other gameplay elements work in this game. Perhaps it’s the best example of an online action role-playing game available today, and it's free to play as well. So if you are interested in more poe news, please visit MmoGah.


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