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What Kind of Weapon Types Do You Know in Path of Exile

By Leo Jiang2018-03-16

Most action role play games focus on weapons since combat is a major part of the gameplay. Although weapons can indeed give your character more than adequate damage to the foes, you can't slap a random weapon on and hope for the best result in Path of Exile. As good as other PoE items, there are distinctions with Weapon Types and you should consider more aspects in the mix. As you know, different levels have different damaging effects, so sometimes you should go up your PoE Leveling first.


PoE will distinguish different available options, and PoE Currency types are a major part of that process. It's one part of creating your own character, so you need to complete your build and all the details. But then again, most players would go with a unique weapon and weapon type is the second thought, as there is more to do than having a good weapon to work with.


The weapon type that you choose for your character must suit for the passive skill tree, which can give bonuses to weapon types. It depends on which part work you do and which part of the skill tree you start with, but you should have good enough ideas of what weapon types you should choose after seeing the passive skill tree and your chosen character class.

Different weapon types have major and minor differences in their properties. You may expect two-handed melee weapons to be more damaging than one-handed weapons, but they are slower and cannot combine with a shield. Swords are different from maces and axes, and they are different from arranged weapons like the bows. You can get good enough ideas of what those differences are by looking at their properties.


Mastering the differences among weapon types will help you know overall game knowledge, which is a major part of the gameplay for serious players with one character, and you can participate in race leagues and other such modes of play. The major part of this is that you should know what weapon types work with what active skills. If you cannot realize that, your chosen active skill may not be usable because it doesn't work with the weapon you're currently using.


Combat is the number one priority in any action role-playing game, and PoE delivers a lot with its combat through its weapon types and the killing of enemies. By knowing more about them, you can learn more from your character build and your overall gaming experience. For more PoE News, you can visit


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