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What Is the Least Item Dependent Build in Path of Exile

A lot of things about Path of Exile makes such a great game, but it seems to not easy to get into. Due to the various systems looks horrible in the game at first, particularly due to the vastness passive skill tree looks more like a skill forest. However, actually it's not complicated at all, and you can get your feet wet that eases you into it with a build.


The builds are not exclusive to beginners as veteran players also can get into and be just as effective for them, either for characters in new leagues or races, or just for fun on the side when more builds prove to be too stressful to play. No need to make all the Path of Exile Items to make the build work that makes it more accessible to more players.


Note that your first character will not turn out perfectly as you're learning about the game and subject to trial and error, which is completely fine. But if you want to get a specific build now for optimal performance, then these three are the best to start with. You can use some PoE Exalted Orbs here to support your build.

Lightning Arrow Ranger

Perhaps this is the go-to simple build in the game due to not needing a lot of good PoE Currency items and how easy it is to play. As long as you can hang back and fire at enemies with Lightning Arrow for multiple targets and something else like Frenzy for single targets, then you can suffer less damage by your ranged offense. This may be suitable to other character classes that can use bows, but it's best for the Ranger.


Summoner Witch

Although it is complex than the first one, the possibilities with the Summoner Witch is that veteran Path of Exile players swear by an effective farming build. Summons serve as additional damage and meat shields at the same time, and then you can stand back and fire off other spells to clean house. In order to be strong, it can be augmented by other skills like double Totems and to make the build no need big items.

Ground Slam Marauder

Due to simple mechanics and satisfying feel with every hit and kill, Melee characters incline to be the most fun and casual-friendly in action role-playing games. This build shows that kinesthetic impact with each blow, which takes multiple enemies out while not being dependent on gear. In order to tank incoming damage at close range, there is still a need to support defensive stats, but that's part of the build with the passives.


These builds can be used for various purposes, mainly to start off somewhere when the ideal gear is scarce and you want to get in with something that doesn't take much energy to play in the long run. For more poe news, you should visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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