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What Is the Best Weapon in PoE

The Weapon is one of the PoE Items whose primary purpose is to deal damage. Without a good weapon in Path of Exile, an exile is as good as dead, you will feel difficult to forward in PoE. The monsters of Wraeclast have a wide variety of weapon types, ranging from Bows to Swords to Wands to exotic Claws. Weapons are aligned with up to two of the core attributes: Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence. These attributes affect the speed, damage, critical strike rate and requirements of the weapons.


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All of the weapons have innate properties such as damage, critical strike chance, speed, and requirements. Sometimes they come with special modifiers such as a wand's increased spell damage. Magic, Rare, and Unique weapons come with modifiers from the Prefix and Suffix. Mods can give bonuses to the weapon or to the exile wielding it. Now let’s have a look what’s the best weapon in poe.


Different players have different opinions, I choose Lioneye’s Glare as the first bow. It is a quite famous and popular one, even if it is not suitable to their builds but many path of exile players still happy to farm one, they can use it to exchange some PoE Currency for later use. Now let’s see how powerful it is. Assume its basic physical damage and the attack speed are the top one in the best quality, we can say 77-270 physical damage and 1.8 attack speed with 20% quality increased, also, let’s show its best attributes, 175% increased physical damage, then its whole DPS is around 312 through calculating. It is already quite powerful. If it has six links with proper skill combination, it can set a remarkable build.


The second bow I choose is Gale Fletch Thicket Bow, which is a path of exile mirrored item from up items. You can see its attributes clearly. Through calculating, its DPS can be reached at 567, much larger than the previous one. I don’t think I need to explain to you any more about how amazing this bow can be in your build. When Selecting Weapons for each Weapon type I first look for the Weapon with the highest Unmodified DPS within the Weapon type. Second I look for any weapon with a greater attack speed and a lower unmodified DPS than the previous weapon.

There are no more weapons that could possibly have a higher post mod DPS. I look for any weapon that has the highest implicit mod value for its weapon type, if it has not already been included. Weapons within each Weapon Type are ordered from highest to lowest unmodified base DPS.


We all know that in path of exile, we need POE currency to make our items better, when we get a desirable item, we will use time and effort to rebuild a new one. So choose a good weapon is important to you. Hope the above information can help you a lot, if you are interested in more news about poe, please come with us.


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