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  • What Is Power Creep in Path of Exile
    By Leo Jiang2018-01-18 00:00:00

    In terms of reputation, Path of Exile is very solid for the most part. Act as a free to play the game, it doesn't have all the things that make players fall for the traps and other free online games tend to fall for with all the game-breaking micro transactions. However, there is something worth concerning in terms of PoE update over the years.


    That thing is what's called power creep, which is a phenomenon design in the game that is mainly about how new content is added into, especially a perpetual online experience like PoE. There are two schools’ thought on this subject, replacing and updating whatever is already in place and just adding new content to the existing content. It takes a long time to figure out the former as developers don’t want to introduce anything that could break the game or go against everything the game. The latter is an easier route for most as they have to make sure that whatever they add on top isn't far off what's already there.

    For Grinding Gear Games, this model isn't bad as PoE seems to have benefitted from content continually coming down the pipeline. As long as maintain the integrity of the core gameplay, it's not too bad due to how PoE handles the game world. There is something to do with the current game, with various game modes that players can get into. Grinding Gear Games has embraced the essence of combat centric gameplay and action role-playing games, so it's not too bad so far.


    However, it makes a game become more difficult to get into over time. With so much going on in the game, newer players may feel afraid of a large amount of content and how much they've missed out on. However, PoE has always been intimidating to casual players, it's the selling point of PoE. You only check the passive skill tree that looks like a skill forest and you know it will not be holding your hand as you play.


    Also, there's the worry about buying PoE items being replaced by newer ones that get added through content updates, making what was valuable into junk. Other than buying PoE Currency, there are areas that used to be good spots for farming exalted orbs and hunting bosses that then get superseded by newer ones, so you can only choose to buy exalted orbs from a reliable and safe website. Although this is indeed concerning, it hasn't been too bad till now due to Grinding Gear Games handles the content updates in the game. They pile updates on top of each other actually, but it's doesn’t make careful thought and planning.

    The thing with power creep is that it renders and snowballs a game into a mess of imbalance that can't be fixed easily due to the stuff gets piled on top of each other. It would be better if developers can roll back, but it isn’t good that the additional content invested on with time and money and gets removed like that. But so far, Grinding Gear Games haven't considered that as they've done well enough to consider the consequences of power creep in PoE. For more poe news, you should visit Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.