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What Is Dual Curse Pledge of Hands Arc Build in Path of Exile

In Path of Exile, there are several characters builds have the potential to wreak havoc and devastation for enemies in the game. It is true for character builds that turn out to be popular later when more players try them out and see their effectiveness. Path of Exile is a game that encourages creative flexibility which gives birth to character builds that are equally or more effective than established ones, so it's no surprise that this build has reached more attention.


The Dual Curse Pledge of Hands Arc build is a mouthful name, however, it is a central concept that is augmented by others like pillars around a central column to create a strong build that is both cool and powerful in the meanwhile. This build is about the critical damage of Arc, the active skill shocks and chains multiple times to enemies near the target, bringing them down with increased critical strike multiplier.

While it has still been a work, it has dished out 26k in DPS, which is substantial definitely. What helps it get power are the skills that support it and the Path of Exile Items make it all possible. What's notable about this build is that it uses two copies of Arc, each with a different set of support gems. This is where the details start to count, especially for such an intricate build.


The primary damage dealer is the first copy, and the second is for pre-cursing monsters before killing off. Arc has a good chain effect, so it helps disperse curses easily, which is why this build uses two of them. At first, it seems clunky, but it works beautifully actually. Not only is it effective, but the use of Life Leech and the Vaal Pact keystone makes for a powerful combination of critical damage, damage reflection, and survivability. The PoE Currency will make it possible.


The curses are the Assassins mark and Warlords mark, which gives power charges, mana leech, life leech, endurance charges, critical chance, and more critical damage. Except for the curses, Eldritch Battery and Pledge of Hands are the other two main components of this build, the latter of which is the name of the build. Eldritch Battery's purpose is obvious enough, Pledge of Hands is a unique Judgement Staff which gives the gems a level 30 Spell Echo inserted in it, which makes this build work. Also you can make more PoE Exalted orbs for preparation.

The survivability of this build's comes from a massive Arctic Armour and mana pool, and you can make more auras if you wish and willing to sacrifice unreserved mana if you need it. Beyond the main mechanism, there is a bit of flexibility that can lead to variations of this build to fit your particular playing style. For more poe news, you can visit MmoGah.com. Just a reminder: you can get 2% coupon code for free from the reps if you place an order from this article.


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