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What are the Best PoE Skill Gems

The fantastic thing about Path of Exile is that as long as you meet the requirements, you can put the gem into a corresponding slot in one of your poe items, then you can use any active skills. As the gem can level up so you can use it more and make the active skill grow stronger. There are five of the best skill gems that are used commonly in Path of Exile Items. They're used for utility and effectiveness against enemies, as well as being fit for certain character builds. Also you can use some of skill gems to exchange some special orbs, such as exalted orb.


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Molten Strike

The attack skill consists of an initial single-target fire melee attack, which followed by an AoE fire projectile attack. The area of effect of the projectiles spread throughout a 270-degree arc within a radius of 5 to 20 units, which can be enhanced for better effect and more damage. The various properties of the magma projectiles, as well as the melee fire attack itself, give this skill plenty of damage that can be enhanced with other support gems.


Fire Trap

Basically it’s a trap skill that explodes when it is triggered, leaving fire in its wake that damages all enemies. Maybe you think that traps don't get as much use in this game, but Fire Trap has quite a bit of utility even in the late game as it's useful for doing extra damage while kiting enemies.


Leap Slam

This skill has been playing action role-playing games for a long time now. Basically the Leap Slam lets your character, most likely a Marauder, jump high up in the air at a distance and land with devastating force, damage enemies in the surrounding areas with a chance of knocking them back. This is a melee attack that must be used with melee weapons and the amount of Strength.

Spectral Throw

This is a projectile skill that can be used for your current melee weapon, like how the Norse god of thunder Thor. With devastating effect, it would throw his hammer Mjolnir and have it back to his hand. This skill has a 100% chance of piercing through enemies, so Piece, Chain, and Fork are not necessary. You can use Multiple Projectiles to augment it, as well as damage modifiers, range, and projectile speed for greater effect.


Decoy Totem

You may think that gimmicky skills cannot be used in a no-nonsense game, but actually it gets quite a bit of use. As a meat shield, the Decoy Totem is suitable for acting that draws enemies away from you, which enables you to hit them with some other skills that take them out in that area. With Increased Totem Life, you can augment Decoy Totem for more durability.


Above is about the best poe skill gems, thanks for your reading, if you are interested in more poe news, welcome you to visit Thanks.


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