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Tips to Improve in Path of Exile

Path of Exile is a Free-to-Play Action RPG(action role-playing game) developed and released by Grinding Gear Games in 2013 for windows. PoE is unlike your regular RPG games, as it requires loads of time just to understand the basics. Each aspect of the game demands time and dedication. 


Path of Exile contains numerous character classes which require attention as they dictate two essential elements. Due to these characters, deep gameplay mechanics are achieved. If you are a new player, there will be many things you will not understand at first due to the immense complexity of this game. We have listed some tricks and tips you can learn and implement.


Tips to Improve in Path of Exile


Learn The Basics 

Path of Exile is unlike most RPGs as it offers an insane level of customization. This means you are not restricted and can customize your character according to your play style. While some players love the creative freedom that the Path of Exile provides, some new players tend to get confused due to the sheer number of options available.   


The most crucial factor in the Path of Exile is understanding the attributes and characters. This game uses three main attributes, which form seven characters. While some characters excel in one attribute, others are a combination of these attributes. They are discussed in detail below. 



Intelligence means knowledge of magic and lethal combat techniques. The witch wields weapons like the scepter and the wand. Her intelligence armor pieces bestow the wearer with an energy shield that protects them from damage and can recharge when out of combat. The monsters with intelligence are capable of casting dangerous spells and can get even more threatening as time passes. The ascendency classes related to the witch are occultist, Necromancer, and Elementalist.



As the name suggests, strength increases physical damage, and its character class is the marauder. The element that is aligned with strength is fire. The marauder has a mace that deals explosive physical damage. Strength armor pieces grant the marauder a significant amount of damage reduction. The ascendancy classes related to marauder are berserker, chieftain, and juggernaut.



It grants agility in combat; it can deploy quick attacks using its bows and rapiers. Dexterity armor pieces allow the ranger to evade enemy attacks quickly. Usually, the monsters with dexterity are very hard to hit. The ascendancy classes related to ranger are pathfinder, deadeye, and raider.


Now that you know about the pure characters let's talk about the hybrid ones. Four hybrid characters are a combination of the attributes discussed above.



The shadow represents dexterity and intelligence while fighting with claws and daggers. He can inflict serious damage with spells, weapons, mines, and traps. Trickster, Saboteur, and Assassin are shadow's ascendency classes.



The Templar is proficient with intelligence and strength and combines them with his usage of scepters and staves to charge some severe damage. He can also cast spells and use elemental damage to conduct melee attacks. Ascendency classes related to the Templar are hierophant, guardian, and Inquisitor.



The duelist has command over strength and dexterity and fights with axes and swords. He can use his strength to inflict damage and combine his armor of strength and dexterity to evade attacks. Gladiator, champion, and Slayer are duelist ascendency classes.



The Scion is proficient with all three attributes and is very flexible in terms of usage. Scion also lies in the center of the Passive Skill Tree. You can only unlock her later in the game. Her only ascendency class is the ascendant.


Tips to Improve in Path of Exile scion



Path of Exile Skill Tree

Initially and most overwhelming part of the Path of Exile is the passive skill tree; opening up this behemoth of customization can make you stunned with awe for a while at the possibilities. It's no easy task deciphering the spider web of information. The skill tree itself is all-encompassing in terms of build-making.

● Damage Type

● Defense Type

● Cluster Jewels


The skill tree is broken up into seven starting positions, all corresponding to an individual class. The skill tree starts from the middle and then divides into other sub-categories. The skill tree consists of these primary skills.

● Scion

● Witch

● Shadow

● Ranger

● Duelist

● Marauder

● Templar


Then these primary skills further divided into the sub-category of skills



Download A Loot Filter 

Path of Exile is filled with loot and starts to pile up when you rank up and do endgame content. If you don't apply a filter, you will waste your precious time skimming through heaps of garbage in the hope of finding something suitable.


Having a loot filter helps as it sorts out all your loot for you and presents you with the PoE currency worth picking.



Manage your inventory

We discussed earlier that Path of Exile is filled with loot, and if you stash all your loot without being picky about your choices, you will soon run out of inventory space. You can sort out your inventory by determining what you need and what you don't. 


Each item is denoted by colors which show how rare an item is. White indicates a standard object, blue shows that the object is magical, and yellow represents a rare object.


Since you can sell PoE items you don't need, you can also buy items you want as they help you complete missions and fight bosses. The best place to purchase currencies safely is MmoGah. Here you can buy Path of Exile currency quickly while knowing that your information is safe. 




Even though this game is very generous in terms of loot, it rarely drops an item you need. To counter these problems, try visiting mmogah.com and safely buy Path of Exile currency.


If playing Path of Exile for the first time, you might get overburdened by the complexity of this game. Don't stress out; try playing the game for some time and give this comprehensive article a quick look every time you feel stuck.


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