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Submit Your PoE Character for Build of the Week



Grinding Gear Games're happy to announce that Season Nine of Build of the Week is just around the corner! PoE’s last season ended just a few weeks ago, but they are sure that the massive skill revamps in Content Update 3.3.0 have inspired you to create new and interesting PoE builds. Today MmoGah (a professional PoE Trade site) will share more details with Path of Exile fans.


In the Build of the Week series they showcase unusual builds that use unique combinations of Path of Exile mechanics. Such builds don't have to be the strongest or fastest but they should certainly be interesting. For example, check out the last episode of Season Eight, 'Friends with Benefits' from c9q9md.



Because Grinding Gear Games will need time to prepare episodes before they're released, they're interested in checking out your builds right now. All you need to do is just post your guide in the relevant class forum. Don't forget to include your gems, build-enabling unique items, jewels, passive tree and a short description of what makes your build special and the gameplay style.


If you're able to post a video of your build, that's also helpful but not required. They will be looking for a variety of builds that showcase different aspects of Path of Exile's gameplay. While there are no limits in terms of class, skills and item expense, we do recommend being as creative as you can!


While you're waiting for the new season, you could check out the full playlist of the entire Build of the Week series or if you're in need of some light-hearted fun, check out the special bloopers episodes (№1, №2 and №3) from the last three seasons.


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