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Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer – The Melee Bomber PoE 3.21 Full Guide

By Pen Slingers2023-05-23

Static Strike Shockwave Slayer is a popular and high-budget build in Path of Exile. It is a melee-focused build that utilizes Static Strike and Shockwave skills to deal with area damage and stun enemies.


In this full guide, we will delve into the details of Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer build, including its pros and cons and a complete build guide, and the amount of PoE currency you will need. So that by the end of the article, it will be easy for you to use the build.


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What We Know About Static Strike Shockwave Slayer

The Static Strike Shockwave Slayer build is not for the faint of heart, as acquiring unique PoE items can be expensive. However, this build offers a compelling and satisfying gameplay experience for those willing to invest the resources.


The build uses the Static Strike skill, which simultaneously deals with melee and area damage while providing a shockwave that damages enemies at a distance.


This is combined with the Shockwave support gem to create a chain reaction of explosions that can wipe out entire groups of enemies in a single blow. It's an excellent build for mapping, as it can clear out entire areas quickly and efficiently. If you're looking for a build that can handle anything the game throws at you and have the budget to make it happen, the Static Strike Shockwave Slayer build is worth considering.


Pros and Cons of Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer

Before you start playing with this build, here are the pros and cons that you must take into account



High Damage Output – The build's combination of Static Strike and Shockwave Support allows it to deal massive area damage and take down entire groups of enemies in one hit.

Good Survivability – The Slayer ascendancy class provides high leeching and life regen, which allows the build to sustain itself during combat.

Great for Mapping – The build's area damage is perfect for clearing out entire maps quickly and efficiently.

Versatile Playstyle – This can be played as a melee fighter or a ranged attacker, depending on the player's preferences and gear choices.



Expensive to Gear Up – The build requires several expensive unique items to function correctly, which can be a significant investment.

Can be Squishy Against Bosses – While the build is excellent for clearing out maps, it can struggle against single-target bosses due to its reliance on area damage.

Requires Careful Positioning – The playstyle requires you to be in the thick of combat, which can be dangerous if not executed properly.

Can be Challenging to Level Up – This build's reliance on specific unique items and skill gems can make leveling up more complicated than other builds because of Divine Orb's cost.



Passive Skill Tree – How Should You Use Your Nodes

Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer Passive skill tree focus on damage, survivability, and utility. The damage nodes prioritize physical and elemental damage, critical strike chance, and multipliers. This ensures that the build's Static Strike and Shockwave Support deal maximum damage, quickly taking out large groups of enemies.


Survivability nodes include life regeneration, increased maximum life, and leeching. The build's Slayer ascendancy class also provides life leech and Onslaught bonuses, further increasing the build's sustainability in combat. Plus, the build takes advantage of several mana nodes to ensure it has enough mana to sustain its skills during extended fights.


how to Use Your Nodes


Skill Break Down and Show Case of Build

Here are the significant skills and abilities of the build.


1.   Static Strike + Shockwave

The Static Strike is your main attack in this build. When you hit an enemy, you gain static energy, periodically striking enemies around you with beams for six seconds. These beams activate the Shockwave Support skill often.


The Shockwaves cause most of your damage and are the big explosions you see on the screen. While you have static energy, you automatically deal damage with Shockwaves. This build uses the Apollyon Shockwave effect to make the explosions even cooler.


2.   Frozen Legion

it allows you to deal massive damage in a short amount of time. The statues can be summoned and placed strategically to deal the most damage possible, making them particularly useful in boss fights or when taking down strong enemies. Using the Frozen Legion requires good timing and placement skills to ensure maximum effectiveness.


3.   Battlemage's Cry

Battlemage's Cry is a skill that lets your spell damage count as attack damage. This means you can deal more damage when you use spells, which is especially helpful when you have Iron Will and stack strength. Together, these abilities give you a massive boost in damage output.


4.   Shield Charge

Shield Charge allows you to quickly close gaps between you and your enemies or escape dangerous situations. It's beneficial for melee builds that must engage enemies quickly and deal damage up close. The skill is affected by both attack speed and movement speed, so investing in these attributes can help you use the skill more effectively.



Ascendancy Breakdown of The Build

Choosing the Slayer as your Ascendancy is an excellent idea for this build because it provides many benefits. You'll get bonuses for damage and the area your attacks can affect. Plus, you'll be able to heal yourself by leeching life from enemies and reducing the damage that you take. The Slayer is a powerful choice to help you deal with formidable enemies and survive difficult situations.


Ascendancy Breakdown of The Build


1.   Impact

The Slayer Ascendancy provides three key benefits for the Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer build increased damage, a wider area of effect for attacks, and improved accuracy. With more damage, you can take down enemies faster, while the broader area of effect makes it easier to hit multiple targets at once. Improved accuracy ensures that your attacks hit their targets more often, reducing the risk of missed attacks.


2.   Brutal Fervour

With Brutal Fervour, your character can recover life even in full health. This means your life leech doesn't stop at full health, providing permanent life recovery even outside combat. This can be highly beneficial to the build as it allows you to maintain a high level of health at all times, making it easier to survive challenging encounters.


3.   Bane of Legends

Bane of Legends is a skill that offers two fundamental benefits. Firstly, it increases damage against unique enemies, usually the most brutal enemies in the game. This means you can take them down faster, making it easier to progress through the game. Secondly, if you've killed an enemy recently, you also get an additional boost in damage.


4.   Headsman

Headsman skills can make it easier to defeat formidable enemies. If an enemy's health falls below 20% of their total life, they will instantly die. This can be especially helpful when fighting bosses or other tough enemies with a lot of health.



Best Gear and Itemization for The Build

Gear and itemization are crucial for the success of Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer build. This build requires expensive unique items and high-tier rare items to maximize its damage output and survivability.


The unique core items for this build are the Hegemony's Era staff and the Disintegrator belt. Hegemony's Era provides increased physical damage and a chance to gain endurance charges on melee critical strikes, while Disintegrator offers increased spell damage, area of effect, and spell block chance.


Other critical unique items for this build include the Impresence amulet, which provides an additional aura, and the Atziri's Step boots, which offer movement speed, evasion, and spell dodge. Regarding rare items, focus on getting high physical damage and critical strike chance on your weapons.



Playstyle, Mapping, and Bossing – Things to Know

The play style of Palsteron's Static Strike and Shockwave Slayer build involves fast-paced melee combat with a focus on maximizing the area of effect damage. The primary skill used in combat is Static Strike, which creates static energy that periodically hits enemies around the player and activates Shockwave Support for massive area damage.


Things to Know



When exploring maps, use Static Strike every 6 seconds to trigger your Shockwaves, and press Battlemage's Cry every 10 seconds to increase your damage. Use Shield Charge to move around quickly and let your abilities destroy everything in your path. If you encounter tougher enemies, use Frozen Legion to damage them.



Switch your Blood and Sand to Blood Stance to prepare for boss fights. If you frequently fight bosses, add an Ancestral Warchief to your build and place it before the fight begins.


When the boss appears, use the Withering Step to apply Wither and quickly hit it with Static Strike to activate your Shockwaves. Use Frozen Legion to deal much damage and wait for the statues to recover before using it again. If the duration of the Static Strike runs out during the fight, quickly reactivate it.




In this article, we shared a complete Strike and Shockwave Slayer guide. You can read the article to learn more about this build. You can learn about tips and playstyle strategies to enhance your gaming experience and double your fun with this build.

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